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The Adventurous Eaters Club: Mastering the Art of Family Mealtime

The Adventurous Eaters Club: Mastering the Art of Family Mealtime

TV star Misha Collins and his wife, journalist and historian Vicki Collins, show families how to be mealtime adventurers so that kids might have a lifelong relationship with real food

Chicken nuggets. Hot dogs. Macaroni and cheese. These are just some of the greatest hits we offer kids at mealtime.

Misha and Vicki Collins totally get it. When their son West was a toddler, he began refusing anything that wasn’t bland and beige. At first, they succumbed, anything to end the mealtime battles. But with sinking hearts they realized fruit snacks and buttered noodles weren’t just void of nutrition, they were setting him up for a lifetime with a limited palate and a reliance on convenience foods.

So, as a family, they decided to lean into what they love best—adventure—and invited their kids to be playful and exploratory in the kitchen. Now, in The Adventurous Eaters Club, Misha and Vicki share how they created a home where mealtime doesn’t involve coercion or trickery, and where salad, veggies, fresh soups, and fruit are the main course. Combining personal anecdotes and practical tips with over 100 creative, delicious, whimsical recipes little hands can help prepare The Adventurous Eaters Club offers readers all the support, encouragement, and practical advice they need to make lifelong adventurous eaters out of their kids.


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Acerca de Misha Collins

Dmitri "Misha" Collins is an American actor and author best known for his role as the angel Castiel on the CW television series Supernatural. (Source: Wikipedia)

    The Adventurous Eaters Club: Mastering the Art of Family Mealtime Comentarios

  • Miranda Reads

    p. 175 - Chicken A La Westp. 103 - Bunny Spice Roasted Rootsp. 138 - Sweet Corn Summer Salad What are the staples of childhood dinners? Do your thoughts go to pizza, nuggets, Kraft mac and fries? Or...

  • Daina Fullmer

    I was gifted a copy of this absolutely gorgeous cookbook by Misha Collins during a Supernatural convention a little over two weeks before the release date, and having had some time with it now, I can ...

  • Nichole David

    One of the most aesthetically pleasing cookbooks I've ever seen. The recipes look delicious (with a few exceptions that all come with disclaimers!) and easy to follow. I'm looking forward to trying th...

  • Sadie

    Misha Collins + book= everything I've loved in life. Sign. Me UP!...

  • Deb

    What a beautifully photographed and fun cookbook! Written by Misha AND Vicki Collins. I have marked all the recipes I cannot wait to try and share with my grandson! And all proceeds from this book go ...

  • Lauren Paletta

    That was healthy! Getting kids to eat their veggies as well as other healthy foods is so important, but it's not just for kids, it's for adults too! Families should all be eating this healthy. Granted...

  • Eleonora

    Do you want to have fun while cooking with your kids and teaching them how to eat healthy?Then this book is the solution, trust me.Vicki, Maison, West and Misha (the Collins Family) will take you in t...

  • Sam

    I’m a 33 year old picky eater (I blame my parents) and I adore this book. I don’t have children, but I originally purchased a copy to support the authors who are not only wonderful people, but wri...

  • Cindy

    This really isn't just a cookbook. It's a bit of a journey with beautiful photos included. It helps you WANT to cook healthier for you and your family.And also all of the author profits go to helping ...

  • Amber Scaife

    I fully admit that I wanted this cookbook at first solely because I *ahem* hold Misha Collins in high esteem, first as Cas in Supernatural and now also as the goofy, sweet, full-of-kindness-for-the-wo...

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