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Sreća i druge male važne stvari

Sreća i druge male važne stvari


Titulo:Sreća i druge male važne stvari
Idioma de edición:Serbian
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Acerca de Haim Shapira

Shapira was born in Vilnius, Lithuania in 1962 and immigrated to Israel in 1977.Haim Shapira holds two PhD's (Theoretical Mathematics and Science Education) , is one of Israel's most popular and in-demand lecturers, an author of seven best-selling books, a pianist and an avid collector of anything beautiful. He teaches mathematics, psychology, philosophy and literature. His book "Gladiators, Pirat

    Sreća i druge male važne stvari Comentarios

  • Heidi The Reader

    Happiness and Other Small Things of Absolute Importance does not resemble a self help book as much as it does a long, meandering lecture by your favorite professor. Shapira talks about happiness, the ...

  • Jenny Oo

    Sounds like one of those self-help books. But it isn't. I listened to the audio book and really enjoyed loads of citable words of wisdom....

  • Mollie

    Based on the title, I was prepared to slog through yet another self-help book.With each page turn, I was increasingly surprised by the comprehensive review of the subject presented in a conversational...

  • Tamara Lush

    This was a thoughtful and entertaining read. Haim Shapira writes in a conversational style about the age-old question: can we truly be happy? Drawing from literature and poetry, from Biblical quotes a...

  • Yana

    You can find a copy of this review at:, I have lost grasp of my life. The earth has shifted from beneath my feet and I have reached a stage where I need ...

  • Cynthia Glanzberg

    I don't think this was the book I intended to read, but it turned out to be a nice, thought provoking book with some good discussion starters. Like how we should more often realize events that are mir...

  • ufo28

    I am rating this book four stars because it's exploring and contemplating theories how to create and actually notice happiness in our lives.I did enjoy reading many quotes in this book from Winnie de ...

  • Realini

    Happiness and other Small Things of Absolute Importance by Haim Shapira9 out of 10For some strange reason, when you google for this book to find more details, the result gives you the wrong informatio...

  • Neal

    Packed with witty anecdotes and opinions. The sound background of research and experience is obvious, yet it is a refreshingly easy read. I wish all 'self-help' books were as up-beat as this one!...

  • Maayan

    I read it in Hebrew (the original), it's a funny, insightful, brilliant book, by an absolutely brilliant and funny writer (who I've met before I've read that book and I didn't even know how great he i...

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