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Holy Enemies of Freedom: How Martin Luther Unleashed the Beast of Anti-Semitism

Holy Enemies of Freedom: How Martin Luther Unleashed the Beast of Anti-Semitism

Holy Enemies of Freedom lays bare the criminal conspiracy that is unleashed upon ordinary people by organized religion.

The German Martin Luther was the founder of the Protestant Church. He wanted the Jews thrown out of Germany. In his time, the interactions between leaders of Jews, Christians, and Muslims fueled a march toward a religious world war. The promise of all organized Judaic religions was to eradicate false Truths and to establish a world ruler.

A.J. Deus presents his astonishing discoveries from primary evidence that has never before been placed in its historical context. The insanities of all contestants led toward the total destruction of Europe and the Middle East. The Rabbinic leadership set out to forge the unlikeliest alliances to reach the grand goal of dominance, helped finance the war efforts, and promised support with troops – on all sides.

This story unveils the origins of Martin Luther’s as well as Adolf Hitler’s anti-Semitism in frightening clarity: organized religion is nothing but organized crime. They are enemies of freedom. The oblivious disciples served as human shields for their leaders – Christians, Muslims, and ordinary Jews alike. The suffering of laymen was confirmation that the fulfillment of the promise to world leadership was near.

A.J. Deus has embarked with investigative and scholarly precision to answer a simple question about anti-Semitism: Why?

The prognosis in Holy Enemies of Freedom is horrific. Humanity is facing a global emergency. A next holocaust is in the making.

Titulo:Holy Enemies of Freedom: How Martin Luther Unleashed the Beast of Anti-Semitism
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Acerca de A.J. Deus

A. J. Deus is specialized in history in economics of organized religion. He is also an expert in religious frauds.

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    This tome lays out the history of Lutheranism and its centuries-old role in promoting anti-Semitism. It also gleefully slaps the Roman Catholic Church around ad infinitum, makes the preposterous asser...

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    Mostly emotional diarrhea. This is understandable based on the topic. However, due to the constant barrage of emotional outbursts, combined with jabs at current administration, it makes it difficult t...

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    Selective research, he found only what he was looking for and discarded anything that was contrary to his hypothesis....

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    The book is the author's perspective on the origins of anti-semitism. Unfortunately, it was very difficult to finish reading it. A friend has expressed interest, so it has been shared with the next re...

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