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The Skinnytaste Air Fryer Cookbook: The Best Healthy Recipes for Your Air Fryer

The Skinnytaste Air Fryer Cookbook: The Best Healthy Recipes for Your Air Fryer

The must-have cookbook for any air fryer, with flavorful recipes that are healthy, convenient, and quick to prepare

#1 New York Times bestselling author Gina Homolka is beloved for her incredible recipes that transform your favorite, comforting foods into healthy, low-cal dishes with tons of flavor. Now, she brings her expertise to the game-changing air fryer appliance. Using high-powered, super hot, circulating air like a convection oven, air fryers crisp up your favorite "fried" foods with barely any oil needed. Cook times are shorter than traditional oven methods and the process requires little clean-up--meaning less time spent cooking and cleaning.
     In The Skinnytaste Air Fryer Cookbook, Gina shares 75 of her best recipes that work in every type of air fryer, including basket models and countertop ovens with air fryer settings. You'll of course find crave-worthy recipes for traditionally fried foods, such as Avocado Egg Rolls, Coconut Shrimp, Crispy Za'atar Chickpeas, and Pickle-Brined Chicken Tenders, but Gina also shows you how versatile the appliance can be. Perfectly roasted meats and vegetables like Pork Tenderloin with Soy-Apricot Glaze, Roasted Salmon with Creamy Dill Sauce, Tahini Cauliflower Steaks, and Charred Sesame Green Beans, along with baked goods like Homemade High-Protein Bagels and Garlic Knots are all executed beautifully in the compact air fryer. For those of us with a sweet tooth, The Skinnytaste Air Fryer Cookbook even offers low-cal desserts, including Italian Zeppole, Chocolate Chip Cookie Fries, and Banana Fritters. Many dishes are vegetarian, gluten-free, and keto-friendly--all called out with helpful icons--and every recipe includes nutritional information (with the most up-to-date Weight Watchers points found on the blog).

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Acerca de Gina Homolka

Hi, I'm Gina Homolka, author, photographer and recipe developer of which features delicious, healthy, low fat, family-friendly recipes several times per week and Skinny Bits, where I answer cooking questions, health tips, reviews and giveaways.

    The Skinnytaste Air Fryer Cookbook: The Best Healthy Recipes for Your Air Fryer Comentarios

  • Dita

    If you, like me, and seemingly everyone else on Earth, follow Gina's blog, Skinnytaste, on Facebook than you already know how amazing she is and how approachable and easy her recipes are.Now think "ai...

  • Kendra

    It is book release day, and I received this gem in the mail today! Because I preordered, I was able to try out a couple of the recipes about a week ago. They were delicious, and I can’t wait to cook...

  • Naomi

    Recipe wise, the recipes are Gina's normal killer recipes that I can't wait to try each and every one of them. The drop from my normal 5 star ratings is as a result of one very irritating feature. At ...

  • Emily Goodman

    Once again Gina Homolka provides mom every where relief with wonderful Air Fryer foods that are as delicious as they are kid friendly! As a mom of two girls and a Weight Watcher member, it's hard to f...

  • Nichole

    It took a huge leap of faith to believe that an air fryer steak was worth the risk, but I did it and I won't go back. $15 bison ribeye in the air fryer was the best bison steak I ever had! So many gre...

  • Susan Gualtier

    Fantastic book with tons of information and a variety of interesting recipes. Includes instructions for both styles of air fryers, as well as conventional oven cooking times. Nutritional information i...

  • Amie

    I've had an air fryer for nearly a year and most of the time I'm fumbling for how to use it or how to properly cook things in it. The tiny booklet it came with has scant few recipes and the internet w...

  • Katherine

    Another Skinnytaste cookbook has been added to my go to collection of cookbooks. The recipes look amazing and I am eager to try all of them. I started flagging recipes I wanted to try immediately and ...

  • Courtney McGrale

    I love Skinnytaste! Everything Gina Homolka creates is so great! Simple recipes, healthy ingredients, and big, delicious taste. This one focuses on the air fryer, which is a marvel kitchen appliance f...

  • Lora

    I suppose it was informational, but the “Keto”, “Vegetarian” and “Gluten Free” designations on each recipe was a teeny bit irritating. If I’m a vegetarian then I’d want a cookbook of n...

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