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No Matter

No Matter

An urgent, visionary collection of poems from the author of The After Party

Jana Prikryl's No Matter argues for the necessity of vision in a time of darkness. Set in cities toppling past the point of decline-and-fall--Rome, London, Dublin, and most of all New York--these poems capture the experience of being human in the late days of empire, when the laws protecting weak from strong are being torn away. Ranging from free verse through sonnets and invented forms, Prikryl's poems insist that every demolition also builds something new and unforeseen.

In poems whose one-word titles give the book a percussive rhythm, Prikryl gives voice to the shifting anxieties and fortitude of the powerless. An ancient Sibyl is the presiding spirit, tired of being the conscience of a people addicted to ancient codes of domination. Dido gets the last word on the male lust for conquest. The American tradition of self-reliance shrivels into the narcissism of the survivalist. Scraps of Moby-Dick, Coriolanus, Virginia Woolf, and Heraclitus drift through the poems like ghosts. New York City is taken hostage by the super-rich, and a scramble for resources infects each relationship. Yet the city's glamour and importance can't be denied: there are love poems for friends, for David Bowie, for all kinds of new arrivals who make every city worth saving. In reactionary times, these poems say, we all have a responsibility to use our imagination.

No Matter is an elegy for our ongoing moment, when what seemed permanent suddenly appears to be on the brink of collapse.

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    No Matter Comentarios

  • Maxwell

    This is one of the best collections of poetry I've ever read. They are by no means easy or accessible poems to read, but they reward so much on the re-reading. Digging into this particular collection ...

  • Gerardine  Betancourt

    Sorry but not for me. The poetry was a little abstract and difficult to understand....

  • Amy Bruestle

    I was given this book in exchange for an honest review I love poetry. The poetry in this collection is pretty good. However, it just didn’t pull at my heartstrings very much. Maybe it is because I h...

  • Peycho Kanev

    EpicYour friends of friends in the cityseduce each other in the strong lightof their ambition by reading longchapters of long books to each othernot seeing, in bed with this poemthat two chapters want...

  • Emily Blachly

    I am not an avid poetry reader, so this was just too abstract for me and I struggled to find meaning in the poems. I struggled with reviewing this book because poetry speaks to different people in dif...

  • Laura

    Not accessible or meaningful to a casual reader of poetry. And not exciting or challenging enough to want to know more.My thanks to First to Read for a ARC of this book in exchange for an honest revie...

  • Ashley

    Beautiful writing, but I agree with some of the other reviews that this did not resonate as much with me. Perhaps if you are from NYC many of these poems would sing true ...

  • A.

    I started reading No Matter by Jana Prikryl not knowing at all what to expect. What I did not want was more poetry of heartbreak. I wanted poetry that worked with language not only to connect with the...

  • Madeline Nelson

    Quality of Writing: 9/10Pace: 10/10Plot Development: N/ACharacters: N/AEnjoyability: 10/10Insightfulness: 5/10Ease of Reading: 3/10Overall Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️This is my first review for N...

  • Kathy

    I enjoy poetry in its many creative forms of expression. Some is easily read, some takes some work to understand, and some just give me a headache! Unfortunately, for me, this collection falls in the ...

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