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Surviving the White Gaze: A Memoir

Surviving the White Gaze: A Memoir

A stirring and powerful memoir from black cultural critic Rebecca Carroll recounting her painful struggle to overcome a completely white childhood in order to forge her identity as a black woman in America.

Rebecca Carroll grew up the only black person in her rural New Hampshire town. Adopted at birth by artistic parents who believed in peace, love, and zero population growth, her early childhood was loving and idyllic—and yet she couldn’t articulate the deep sense of isolation she increasingly felt as she grew older.

Everything changed when she met her birth mother, a young white woman, who consistently undermined Carroll’s sense of her blackness and self-esteem. Carroll’s childhood became harrowing, and her memoir explores the tension between the aching desire for her birth mother’s acceptance, the loyalty she feels toward her adoptive parents, and the search for her racial identity. As an adult, Carroll forged a path from city to city, struggling along the way with difficult boyfriends, depression, eating disorders, and excessive drinking. Ultimately, through the support of her chosen black family, she was able to heal.

Intimate and illuminating, Surviving the White Gaze is a timely examination of racism and racial identity in America today, and an extraordinarily moving portrait of resilience.

Titulo:Surviving the White Gaze: A Memoir
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Acerca de Rebecca Carroll

Rebecca Carroll is host of the podcast Come Through with Rebecca Carroll, and a cultural critic at WNYC where she also develops and produces a broad array of multi-platform content, and hosts live event series in The Greene Space. Rebecca is a former critic at large for the Los Angeles Times, and her personal essays, cultural commentary, profiles and opinion pieces have appeared in The Atlantic, T

    Surviving the White Gaze: A Memoir Comentarios

  • Roxane

    Surviving the White Gaze by Rebecca Carroll is the anatomy of the life of a black woman, and the complex constellation of the people who made her — her white adoptive parents, her white birth mother...

  • Traci at The Stacks

    This book is stellar. Carroll has a gift of writing beautifully without writing pretentiously. Her style is natural and profound. This story of Blackness, racism, abuse, manipulation, self and so much...

  • Chrissie

    Rebecca Carroll, born in 1969 to a teenage black father and teenage white mother, was adopted by a white married couple, friends to the biological mother. Raised in New Hampshire in a predominantly wh...

  • MissBecka Gee

    This was just okay for me.Her introspective search for how she fits into society (while straddling two worlds) was very interesting. I wish she would have delved deeper.It's a memoir, so of course she...

  • Jami

    Surviving The White Gaze is an absolute gift to the reader: unputdownable, edifying, deeply moving, the works. Rebecca Carroll gives us a candid and singular memoir of race, adoption and family in Ame...

  • Never Without a Book

    I have thoughts on this one and....😬. I’m well aware that this is someone’s truth, so I’ll be gentle with my final thoughts. ...

  • Sarah

    This is a deeply moving and enlightening novel based on the life of a black woman who was adopted and grew up in a white family. Not only was her family white but so was everyone else else in her comm...

  • Daphne Manning

    A white couple adopt a black baby, raises that baby to understand she is adopted and free to see her mother when she is ready. The initial meeting is cold and distant, a moment that should have been a...

  • Anneke

    Book Review: Surviving the White Gaze: A MemoirAuthor: Rebecca CarrollPublisher: Simon & SchusterPublication Date: February 2, 2021Review Date: January 24, 2021From the blurb:“A stirring and powerfu...

  • Carla (Carla's Book Bits)

    Rebecca Carroll grew up the only Black girl in a White-centric town. Surviving the White Gaze is her memoir of how she grows up navigating a completely White environment, how she navigated Black e...

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