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The Non-Designer's Design Book

The Non-Designer's Design Book

So you have a great concept and all the fancy digital tools you could possibly require—what's stopping you from creating beautiful pages? Namely the training to pull all of these elements together into a cohesive design that effectively communicates your message. Not to worry: This book is the one place you can turn to find quick, non-intimidating, excellent design help. In The Non-Designer's Design Book, 2nd Edition, best-selling author Robin Williams turns her attention to the basic principles of good design and typography. All you have to do is follow her clearly explained concepts, and you'll begin producing more sophisticated, professional, and interesting pages immediately. Humor-infused, jargon-free prose interspersed with design exercises, quizzes, illustrations, and dozens of examples make learning a snap—which is just what audiences have come to expect from this best-selling author.

Titulo:The Non-Designer's Design Book
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Acerca de Robin P. Williams

Robin P. Williams is an American writer of computer-related books. She is particularly known for her manuals of style

    The Non-Designer's Design Book Comentarios

  • ?Misericordia? ~ The Serendipity Aegis ~  ?????? ????

    Takeouts:- The Joshua Tree Epiphany;- Very interesting explanations of the WHY of how some things matter visually and work better, ultimately;- Some very brilliant examples that give even to me, a ste...

  • Trevor

    I read this book about a year ago and I’m going to complain about it first, and then rave about it.Complaints:Some of the text inside is too faint – it is actually quite difficult to read.Some of ...

  • Su  Myint Myat Moe

    simple and easy-to-read about fundamental concepts...

  • Quan

    The Non-Designer's Design Book was clearly written by a non-writer. I'm not a designer so I won't dispute the validity of what the author, Robin P. Williams, teaches. But getting through this book is ...

  • Reid

    This book succeeds in fulfilling its promise: educating visual novices about design and typographic principles. It's remarkable to me that this book works so well when I've seen others fall flat (I'm ...

  • Erika Williams

    This is quite possibly the best graphic design book I have read. The first part teaches you the four basic principles of design, CRAP. Or contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity. It gives a cle...

  • m a r y l i z

    Read this for my graphic design class this fall! I loved the class, and this book definitely had some great design principles. I'll be keeping this one around for reference. Nothing earth-shattering i...

  • Jerzy

    Very accessible intro for beginners. I always thought you "just have to have an eye for good design" as if it were an inborn trait... but of course there are principles you can learn, and this book st...

  • Nelson Zagalo

    Simple, direct and highly effective in communicating minimum rules for good graphic design....

  • Clare Carter

    I read this for class and it was fine...definitely more interesting than a lot of other textbooks I've read, so that's good! But still a book for school ya know...

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