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The Desolations of Devil's Acre

The Desolations of Devil's Acre

The fate of peculiardom hangs in the balance in this epic conclusion to the Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children series.

The last thing Jacob Portman saw before the world went dark was a terrible, familiar face.

Suddenly, he and Noor are back in the place where everything began - his grandfather's house. Jacob doesn't know how they escaped from V's loop to find themselves in Florida. But he does know one thing for certain: Caul has returned.

After a narrow getaway from a blood-thirsty hollow, Jacob and Noor reunite with Miss Peregrine and the peculiar children in Devil's Acre. The Acre is being plagued by desolations - weather fronts of ash and blood and bone - a terrible portent of Caul's amassing army.

Risen from the Library of Souls and more powerful than ever, Caul and his apocalyptic agenda seem unstoppable. Only one hope remains - deliver Noor to the meeting place of the seven prophesied ones. If they can decipher its secret location.

Titulo:The Desolations of Devil's Acre
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Acerca de Ransom Riggs

Hi, I'm Ransom, and I like to tell stories. Sometimes I tell them with words, sometimes with pictures, often with both. I grew up on a farm on the Eastern shore of Maryland and also in a little house by the beach in Englewood, Florida where I got very tan and swam every day until I became half fish. I started writing stories when I was young, on an old typewriter that jammed and longhand on legal

    The Desolations of Devil's Acre Comentarios

  • Tucker  (TuckerTheReader)

    Holy sh*tit's a saga now| Goodreads | Blog | Pinterest | LinkedIn | YouTube | Instagram...

  • stella

    *incoherent squealing and jumping, biting nails*...

  • Grim

    Better than the movie...

  • Emanuel Viziteu

    Someone's willing to dethrone Harry Potter🧐🤭🥴...

  • Gildie

    Riggs never fails to create amazing characters, fascinating settings, and plot lines that take so many twists that it's impossible to know anything for sure. One thing I do know, however, is that I'm ...

  • Elizabeth

    It is no longer 11 PM, so I have had time to process my thoughts.I’m giving this book a 4.5 star rating because I read it in less than two days, and it’s been an eternity since I read a book that ...

  • NReads

    I thought this series ended as a trilogy....

  • Catherine

    1) Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children ★★★★☆2) Hollow City ★★★★☆3) Library of Souls ★★★★☆4) A Map of Days ★★★★☆5) The Conference of the Birds ★★☆...

  • Kieron

    This one HURTS. Let me start by saying that I LOVE this series. It's my favourite fantasy series of all time and I have a very strong sentimental attachment to it. I grew up with these characters and ...

  • mait

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4.5 / 5 it’s over y’all, can’t believe it. not going to lie, this was my least favorite of them all but i’m going to give it a 5 star rating because it’s the ending ...

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