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Suicide Squad, Volume 8: Constriction

Suicide Squad, Volume 8: Constriction

Batman has broken Deadshot out of Belle Reve! Now the Dark Knight and the assassin who never misses have a new mission: rescue Deadshot's daughter!

Deadshot's daughter has been kidnapped by Kobra, a group of mutant snake assassins! Amanda Waller uses all her resources to stop his escape, but he won't allow anything to stand in the way of saving his daughter--not even his Task Force X teammates!

From writer Rob Williams and a talented group of comics' top illustrators, Suicide Squad Vol. 8 is another wild ride through the DC Universe!

Collects issues #41-44, #47-50 and Suicie Squad Annual #1.

Titulo:Suicide Squad, Volume 8: Constriction
Idioma de edición:English
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    Suicide Squad, Volume 8: Constriction Comentarios

  • Chad

    Batman teams up with Deadshot to save Deadshot's daughter from the clutches of Kobra. Kobra has been turned into this odd cult of snake people. They were very one note. Then a back up team of Suicide ...

  • Wing Kee

    The weakest story to date.World: The art is solid, this series has had a string of great artists that give the characters personalities and also stunning action sequences and this volume is the same, ...

  • Quentin Wallace

    3.5 StarsThe first story arc featured Batman, and it's hard to put Batman in a Suicide Squad story and not have it be decent. This one involved Deadshot and his daughter being kidnapped by the Kobra c...

  • Joanna

    We all make decisions that define us.Sometimes I think... we choose our own path, and whether we realize or not... we choose our own tragedies....

  • John H

    How does this book get the nice glossy paper while Batman, Wonder Woman, and Supes get that cheapo paper?...

  • Edward Davies

    I did quite like this final volume of the current series. I wonder if there will be a new series soon?...

  • M

    Rob Williams and a host of artists bring the latest run of the Suicide Squad to a close in this eighth and final volume of the series. The book opens with a Batman/Deadshot teamup against the cult of ...

  • Christine Christl

    Ach was soll ich noch viel dazu sagen? Alle die mich kennen wissen das ich Harley Liebe und Suicide Squad find ich einfach nur genial. So auch diese Story, die Letzte?!Ziemlich Action Reich beginnt di...

  • Sylvester Kuo

    I am not surprised that Suicide Squad is ending with this volume. The first story was weak, which involved Batman and Deadshot and his daughter; then you have the annual which was tragically bad. Last...

  • Julia

    Reading this I felt like I was missing some important info about Cobra. I wish they would have given a little more back information on the story line so that people jumping into this comic would have ...

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