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How High the Moon

How High the Moon

To Kill a Mockingbird meets One Crazy Summer in this powerful, bittersweet debut about one girl's journey to reconnect with her mother and learn the truth about her father in the tumultuous times of the Jim Crow South.

"Timely, captivating, and lovely. So glad this book is in the world." --Jacqueline Woodson, author of Brown Girl Dreaming

In the small town of Alcolu, South Carolina, in 1944, 12-year-old Ella spends her days fishing and running around with her best friend Henry and cousin Myrna. But life is not always so sunny for Ella, who gets bullied for her light skin tone, and whose mother is away pursuing a jazz singer dream in Boston.

So Ella is ecstatic when her mother invites her to visit for Christmas. Little does she expect the truths she will discover about her mother, the father she never knew and her family's most unlikely history.

And after a life-changing month, she returns South and is shocked by the news that her schoolmate George has been arrested for the murder of two local white girls.

Bittersweet and eye-opening, How High the Moon is a timeless novel about a girl finding herself in a world all but determined to hold her down.

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    How High the Moon Comentarios

  • Brooke ? brooklynnnnereads

    For a shorter novel, I was surprised that it took me so long to read this book from start to finish (about nine days). It wasn't that I didn't enjoy it either because I did which you can clearly see f...

  • Robin Stevens

    A beautifully-written story about a black family growing up in segregated South Carolina in the 1940s. They're swept up in a terrible murder case, but that's not really the heart of the book - it's al...

  • Brooke

    3.75This is a story of a family and self discovery, but it is also the story of three young people who grow up and remember. In the 1950s and 1960s, they would find their voices and demand the common ...

  • Mary Lee

    1940's/50's Jim Crow South contrasted with Boston. Mixed race identity (unknown white father), hinted-at-but-not-addressed lesbian mother, lynching, and the framing and execution of 14 year-old George...

  • Abby Johnson

    It's 1943 and Ella has finally been invited to go stay with her mama in Boston. Raised by her grandparents in South Carolina, Ella has always dreamed of the day when her mama would send for her. Leavi...

  • Dawn Foster

    Oh how I wish Parson's editor would have done a better job of steering Ms. Parson to telling one story at a time. "How High the Moon" was a good story on it's own with Ella & Henry & Ella's mom; Lucil...

  • Heather Moore

    Enjoyable story with a likable character, but it felt like two different arcs were competing with one another rather than telling one cohesive story. I enjoyed the audiobook narrator and the authors n...

  • Jennifer Mangler

    There is a LOT going on in this book. I think the story would have been better served if it had a bit more focus and pruning. Ella and George each deserved their own book, and George's story was not w...

  • Sharon

    I decided that I needed to read more "own voices" stories this year, which is the reason I picked up Karyn Parsons' "How High the Moon." Her coming of age story gives us a look at the Jim Crow era fro...

  • Stacy

    3.5A story told in three narratives, the three children in the story. I thought all three perspectives added to the story. Each were human with their own frailties and strengths, they felt real. The w...

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