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The Woman in the Window

The Woman in the Window

Anna Fox lives alone, a recluse in her New York City home, unable to venture outside. She spends her day drinking wine (maybe too much), watching old movies, recalling happier times . . . and spying on her neighbors.

Then the Russells move into the house across the way: a father, a mother and their teenage son. The perfect family. But when Anna, gazing out her window one night, sees something she shouldn’t, her world begins to crumble and its shocking secrets are laid bare.

What is real? What is imagined? Who is in danger? Who is in control? In this diabolically gripping thriller, no one—and nothing—is what it seems.

Titulo:The Woman in the Window
Idioma de edición:English
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Acerca de A.J. Finn

A.J. Finn, pseudonym for Daniel Mallory, has written for numerous publications, including the

    The Woman in the Window Comentarios

  • Emily May

    Who knows what goes on in a family? Okay, I really don't want to misrepresent this book: The Woman in the Window is a pulpy, fast-paced popcorn thriller. It's not mindblowing or groundbreaking, but...

  • Elyse  Walters

    NO SPOILERSThis is a solid 4 Stars for me. It’s been awhile since I’ve read a psychological suspense thriller —-a surprise gift in the mail. My copy says a film is already in the making. I can d...

  • Emma Giordano

    5/5 Stars. I am SO BLOWN AWAY BY THIS NOVEL. The Woman In The Window is an absolutely amazing debut mystery-thriller. I cannot recommend it enough.CW: agoraphobia, anxiety, depression, substance abuse...

  • Emily (Books with Emily Fox)

    I don't know if this is an unpopular opinion but I'm getting a bit tired of reading mysteries where the main female character is an alcoholic. I get it, it makes them unreliable (and relatable for som...

  • Barry Pierce

    I'm surprised that I actually finished this novel because my patience was gone, girl....

  • j e w e l s

    3 STARSYou don't know how happy I was to get my greedy little paws on both the audio and Kindle versions of THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW. My expectations were through the roof! Have you seen all those 5 st...

  • Roman Clodia

    ** Possible mild spoilers **Yet another super-hyped 'psychological thriller' which seems to think readers are innocents new to the genre... it's starting to feel like each new author just selects from...

  • Kaceey

    4.5*"Agoraphobia is an intense fear and anxiety of being in places where it is hard to escape, or where help might not be available. Agoraphobia usually involves fear of crowds, bridges, or of being o...

  • Miranda Reads

    Big Bois. Everyone's heard of them. The Libraries are full of them. But are they worth it?Click the link for my video review of the big bois in my life.The Written Review: My head was once...

  • karen

    oooh, goodreads choice awards semifinalist for best debut AND best mystery & thriller 2018! what will happen?so, add my name onto the long list of superheroes who are conflicted about their powers, mo...

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