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Right as Rain

Right as Rain

From the critically acclaimed author of Just Like Jackie comes a strikingly tender novel about one family’s heartbreak and the compassion that helps them heal.

It’s been almost a year since Rain’s brother Guthrie died, and her parents still have no idea that it’s all Rain’s fault. In fact, no one does—Rain buried her secret deep, no matter how heavy it weighs on her heart.

When her mom suggests moving the family from Vermont to New York City, Rain agrees to the plan. But she couldn’t have imagined how different life in the big city would be. She’s never seen so many people squished together in one place in her entire life—or felt more like an outsider. With her mom and dad fighting more than ever and the anniversary of Guthrie’s death approaching, Rain is determined to keep her family together, and her big secret close to her heart.

But even Rain knows that when you bury things deep, they grow up twice as tall.

Ann M. Martin, New York Times bestselling author of Rain Reign, called Just Like Jackie “a lovely story of acceptance.” Stoddard has once again crafted a pitch perfect middle grade novel worthy of being called an instant classic. Fans of Sara Pennypacker and Lisa Graff will fall in love with the pluck and warmth of Stoddard’s latest heroine and the strength that even a small heart can lend.

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Acerca de Lindsey Stoddard

I was born and raised in Vermont where I began my love for reading and writing in local libraries and independent bookstores. My parents always like to remind me how well behaved I was growing up, EXCEPT in bookstores. I would run and hide between the shelves because I wanted to live there! I still kinda do... :) I moved to New York City after college and taught middle school English for 10 years

    Right as Rain Comentarios

  • Jessie_Book

    Right as Rain certainly packs a punch. I would not recommend reading this book in public. Not only will you be actually laughing out loud, but also crying and sighing and a whole bunch of other things...

  • Jordan Henrichs

    I will say up front, that Lindsey Stoddard’s sophomore novel RIGHT AS RAIN did not hit me with the same personal, emotional punch that her debut JUST LIKE JACKIE did. But boy, can Stoddard write. Sh...

  • Cassie Thomas

    As an adult still experiencing heavy grief, this story helped. Rain is a young girl a lot of kids will relate to, but so is Frankie, Amelia, Ana, and even the adults in the book. Lindsey does an amazi...

  • Elizabeth?

    Rain is ending the school year in a new place. Her mother has taken a job in New York City, so the family moves from Vermont to start anew. Rain’s family is grieving the loss of her brother. Each fa...

  • Sandy Brehl

    I read this in one sitting and found it was a successful juggling of a wide array of intense emotional situations, complex characters, and adolescent relationships involving so many checked topics and...

  • Kelly Hager

    This book broke me multiple times. Most of us have experience with grief and it can be impossible to deal with. Now picture you're a kid and you're in a new place and your older brother is dead and it...

  • Laura Gardner

    5/5 for RIGHT AS RAIN. Thank you to author @lindseystoddardwrites and @harpercollinsch for the free copy of this book to share with #kidlitexchange. All opinions are my own..~~JUST LIKE JACKIE was a v...

  • Lynn Plourde

    Loved this book--the characters, the plot, the writing! It wasn't an easy story to tell, it wasn't an easy life for the main character Rain to live (moving from rural VT to NYC and starting over with ...

  • Ms. Yingling

    ARC provided by Young Adult Books CentralRain's family has experienced a tragedy-- her older brother was killed in a car accident. The mother thinks that the answer to their protracted grief is moving...

  • DaNae

    There is a lot to like here. I especially loved the descriptions of Rain's New York Neighborhood, and its impending gentrification. I do find this author fairly predictable, but not in an intrusive wa...

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