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La jefa suprema

La jefa suprema

Me había traicionado.

Había confiado en él como una idiota y él me había apuñalado por la espalda.

Diesel Hunt.

Me había hecho daño, me había mentido y ahora me había dejado hundida.

Pero yo no soy la clase de mujer que no se levanta del suelo.

Vuelvo a estar en pie. He resucitado de entre los muertos y soy más fuerte que nunca.

Va a hacer falta mucho más para enterrar a una mujer como yo.

Tatum Titan.

Titulo:La jefa suprema
Idioma de edición:Spanish
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    La jefa suprema Comentarios

  • Sarah

    Ooh Diesel how are you going to get out of this one. Everything is stacked against Diesel even the woman that has taken his heart! This story but keeps getting better and better, I’ve never held my ...

  • Kim

    Omg Victoria never disappoints. The emotions I had for this book were all over the place. I was mad, sad, and happy. The chemistry between Hunt and Titan is undeniable. I thought for sure we would fin...

  • Trish Wallace

    I was so into this book i didn’t even realise i’d reached the final page !!!!! So many emotions, absolute devotion, love, lies, devastation where will it end. The next instalment can’t come quic...

  • Rose Scott Lofaso

    Begrudgingly 3.5Well written. Great continuation. Just it’s just dragging. More like a tv episode than a novel. Of course I’ll read the next one.... just like I watch a season of a show. But it ma...

  • Bellereader

    Titan and Hunt are up against the wall and all they have are undeniable passion and gut intuition to help them weather the storm. Titan thought she has it with Hunt, but now all the trust that she gav...

  • Leonella Navas

    I love this story is super fascinating I love them. Your relationship is super exciting and I could not stop reading them....

  • Ilana

    This couple is GOING THROUGH IT. There’s no way for them to catch a break, every time they take a step forward, it seems like they take a step back. They admitted that they’re more to each other a...

  • Irida

    Seriously the heroine is the most frustrating woman I have read about!! I hate her!! She treats the hero like shit every time they are not fucking. She hurt him so many times I have lost count!! I don...

  • Lory

    Great continuation to the series. Poor Hunt my heart was breaking for him in this one. You can literally feel Hunt's pain and desperation as he attempts the near impossible. You want to be so frustrat...

  • Jennifer Hevern

    OMG! This series is killing me. I can't get enough! I don't even know how to leave a review without giving anything away. The twists and turns are everywhere and just when I thought I had it all figur...

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