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Shooting Gallery

Shooting Gallery

A new short story by New York Times bestselling thriller writer Ben Coes — with time running out, Dewey Andreas is the last hope for a prominent kidnapping victim.
The newly sworn in Vice President of the United States has a problem. Her son, off in college, doesn't care for his security detail. So when Spring Break comes around, he slips away from his bodyguard, picks up his best friend, and heads to Mexico for an intended week of sun, sand, women, and hoped-for debauchery. But when he arrives at the airport, a team of well-armed kidnappers grab both him and his friend and escape. Now they're demanding that an exorbitant ransom be paid in only a few hours — and if it's not, both boys will be killed.

Dewey Andreas, CIA operative and former Delta, happens to be in Mexico, taking some time away and helping friends Katie Fox and Rob Tacoma with a private job. Hoping to relax, Andreas is now the only hope these two young men have of surviving their misadventure. But Mexico is a big country and, before anything else, Dewey has to find the missing boys. Even then, it's a race against the clock, with a highly-trained group of vicious men waiting at the other end.

An original Dewey Andreas short story by bestseller Ben Coes.

Titulo:Shooting Gallery
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Acerca de Ben Coes

Ben Coes is the New York Times bestselling author of international political and espionage thrillers including Power Down, Coup d’État, The Last Refuge, Eye for an Eye, Independence Day, First Strike, Trap the Devil, and Bloody Sunday.

    Shooting Gallery Comentarios

  • Matt

    Ahead of this summer’s latest full-length Dewey Andreas thriller, Ben Coes teases the reader with a short story with his high-octane protagonist. Andreas is down in Mexico, helping to facilitate a r...

  • Tim

    Short story awaiting development for the full novel version. 6 of 10 stars...

  • Glen

    A great intense short story featuring Dewey Andreas and his buddies Rob and Jennifer.The wastrel son of the newly minted first female Vice President of the United States ditches his security detail to...

  • Marika Charalambous

    A very short novella involving a kidnapping for ransom case, one that Dewey Andreas is perfect to handle. The book is fast-paced, action-packed and, well, very short. I enjoyed it, although I found my...

  • Allen Thomas

    Shooting GalleryI am not a fan of short stories, but this book works. You get to see the team in action and there is a nice conclusion. I wouldn't mind a little more, but it is a great story....

  • Benjamin Thomas

    This Dewey Andreas short is a quick, taut story featuring Dewey and his pals Katie and Tacoma from the private security firm, "RISCON" as they work a rescue of the US Vice President's son in Mexico. I...

  • Kay

    Way too short, but it was fun. Hector, Dewey, Katie and Tacoma .... I need more!...

  • dennis barron

    Shooting Gallery. Ben CoesThe new vice presidents son and his friend have been kidnapped in Mexico. They ditched their Secret Service watcher in Washington and thought they had fooled everyone. Upon l...

  • Ashima Jain

    After reading some of my favourite thriller writers this year, I realised I was missing Dewey Andreas. More so considering he appears to be lying low this year (translation: there will be no Dewey And...

  • Dee

    I'm headed off to Mexico, so downloaded this short story, as it takes place in Mexico. I really enjoyed the quick read. I was impressed with how thrilling it was for being so short. The author is a go...

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