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La vida secreta del cerebro: Cómo se construyen las emociones

La vida secreta del cerebro: Cómo se construyen las emociones

La ciencia de las emociones está en plena revolución y este cambio de paradigma tiene implicaciones de gran alcance para todos nosotros. La psicóloga y neurocientífica Lisa Feldman Barrett, cuya teoría de las emociones está impulsando una comprensión más profunda de la mente y el cerebro, revierte la creencia generalizada de que las emociones se alojan en diferentes partes del cerebro y se expresan y reconocen universalmente. Muy al contrario, ha demostrado que las emociones se construye en el momento, mediante sistemas centrales que interactúan en todo el cerebro gracias a toda una vida de aprendizaje.

Titulo:La vida secreta del cerebro: Cómo se construyen las emociones
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    La vida secreta del cerebro: Cómo se construyen las emociones Comentarios

  • Anders Brabaek

    The basic message of this book is that emotions are subjective and constructed, and that neuro science proves it so. This message is in line with the frequently quoted Shakespeares' (Hamlet) "...there...

  • Gary  Beauregard Bottomley

    Most new pop science books irritate me since they give me nothing I didn't already know. This book is definitely an exception to that rule. I started liking this book from the very beginning, because ...

  • Morgan Blackledge

    I have to give this book 5 stars based on its audacity and ambition alone. The author fearlessly challenges some of the fields (affective psychology/neuroscience) most revered and respected theorists ...

  • Mehrsa

    This book kind of blew my mind. Barrett is pushing a pretty revolutionary theory of emotion--that it is context-driven and culturally bound. She rejects the idea that all humans share emotions. Rather...

  • Sarah

    Quite irritating...primarily because it purports to be a book about how the brain creates emotions, but it contains remarkably little neuroscience or detail about the brain. She makes lots of sweeping...

  • Bob Nichols

    Barrett believes that past theories of emotions are wrong. In that classical view, emotions are “essences,” with mental circuity in place, waiting to be triggered. Based on brain science, this vie...

  • Amir Tesla

    Such a delicate and painful book! ...

  • Amirography

    It was a weird book. I honestly don't know how to feel about this book. On one side it has a good theory on the architecture of emotion. A very interesting and a radical one of them. However, other co...

  • Charlene

    There is so much to like in this book but even more to dislike.- Universal emotions - Barrett carried out a savage and satisfying attack on the assumption that emotions are universal. When trying to r...

  • Laura

    ''A new theory of how the brain constructs emotions...'' Wait, new?The writer is amazing (and very persuasive), she carries her theory all the way until the end, in an engaging and amusing way. The id...

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