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Good Ghouls Do

Good Ghouls Do

The USA Today bestselling author returns to Horror High-and so does teen vampire Beth Frasier.

In The Good Ghoul's Guide to Getting Even, Julie Kenner introduced Beth Frasier, high school sweetheart-turned-bloodsucker. She's back-and not alone in her habit. Vampirism is catching on at Waterloo High, since the Master Vamp Beth thought she offed is still wandering the halls. Now, sun-shy Beth has a new survival plan. But finding the real Master is putting a lot pressure on a girl who wants two things out of life: one more chance to tan, and a boyfriend who doesn't bite back.

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Acerca de Julie Kenner

J. Kenner (aka Julie Kenner) is the New York Times, USA Today, Publishers Weekly, Wall Street Journal and International bestselling author of over seventy novels, novellas and short stories in a variety of genres.

    Good Ghouls Do Comentarios

  • Jennifer Wardrip

    Reviewed by Randstostipher "tallnlankyrn" Nguyen for TeensReadToo.comWhen we last left Beth Frasier, she had unfortunately let her guard down and was turned into a vampire. Beth was trying to become h...

  • kari

    This sequel to The Good Ghoul's Guide to Getting Even takes up right where the first book left off. I think you could read this one without reading the first, but it would be a bit confusing as I had ...

  • Sherri Bryant

    The second book in the Beth Frasier series leaves a huge cliffhanger and with only two books currently published, I’m left wondering what will happen next. We find out who Beth’s maker is, but his...

  • Tania

    Better than the first book but it ends off in a cliffhanger that isn't resolved. You find out who Beth's maker is but don't really get any answers....

  • April

    Would round up to 4 stars, but decided to go down instead because of huge cliffhanger and no follow up book. ...

  • Drebbles

    Beth Frasier's goal in life was to get good grades in high school and get into a good college, not to become a vampire. But she had no choice, nor did she have a choice when she turned her boyfriend C...

  • Jennifer

    I finished the 2 nd book in this series but after finishing it, seems like she was going yo write book 3 but never got around to it.I rather enjoyed this book as I'm a huge vampire fan & all. Its abou...

  • Sarah Crawford

    Beth is still stuck as a vampire. She gets shot with an arrow but it misses her heart. She also breaks up with Clayton, believing he was the one behind the attempt to destroy her. Within a short time...

  • Red  Reader

    Light, quick read. I did like this book, but I really hate it when they end in cliffhangers. I've had these books (1 & 2) for over a year, but I've been waiting to read them until the next book comes ...

  • Jennifer

    Cute, fast read. I was sad when Beth thought that Clayton was trying to kill her; but then again communication it not something teenagers are good at. I really like Kevin, and hope to see more of him ...

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