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Boss Games

Boss Games

"Tatum Titan has been gunned down."

I heard the words but couldn't process them.

My woman. My world. My everything.

Terror grips my heart. I stop breathing. Everything stops.

It's the first time I've ever felt powerless. There's nothing I can do, so I don't know what to do.

I never should have left her. I should have been there.

I should have taken that bullet for her.

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    Boss Games Comentarios

  • Nicole

    I enjoyed this book and how it gradually drifted from Diesel and Titan to Vincent and Thorn. It lost a star for me simply due to editing or lack there of. The Hunts became Ammos and even Alessia becam...

  • Ilana

    I think this book summary is a bit closer to being target thankfully. In the last book, we were living through the hell known as Titan being shot, We know now that she’ll survive and that she and Hu...

  • Bellereader

    We were left quite literally on the edge of our seats, clinging to our ereaders begging for more. Luckily the strength that Tatum showed when she took out Bruce Carol was able to help her pull herself...

  • Kasey Sullivan

    Tears! Freaking tears! I loved the writing at the beginning of this book. I felt it all and loved it. It all went so well together that you could see the imagery. Titan and Hunt are just the perfect c...

  • Samm Lynn

    Another excellent installment in the Boss serial (still hate serials but really love this author). This segment has Diesel and Thorn dealing with the aftermath of Titan's shooting.With the major chara...

  • Lory

    As usual another fascinating addition to the series. We were left literally on edge from the way the last book ended I felt it all their sorrow and pain. Now we are seeing Diesel and Thorn deal with t...

  • Nicki - The Overflowing Bookcase

    While Titan recuperates from her run in with her enemy and Diesel stays by her side, the reader gets a chance to see the interactions between Vincent and Thorn with the women who catch their eyes. Hav...

  • Rose Scott

    Huh....While the story line was still good, the “Boss” world has opened up and this book was more about Thorn and Vince. Not a bad thing, just a different spin. HOWEVER ( and it’s a huge however...


    Can I say I love this book more than the last. I’m happy to learn more about Throne and Vincent life. It makes me want more. What’s going to happen. Who is Ms. Creed? This book is a must read! The...

  • Trish Wallace

    Where to begin, every possible emotion from devastation to pure joy and what a delight to read which doesn’t surprise me at all. Victoria writes books everyone wants read with characters you really ...

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