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Por qué no soy feminista. Un manifiesto feminista

Por qué no soy feminista. Un manifiesto feminista

Jessa Crispin cree que, en algún momento de su trayectoria, el movimiento de liberación de la mujer sacrificó sus principales objetivos a cambio de lograr cierto grado de aceptación por parte de la sociedad, y a partir de entonces se fue degradando hasta caer en la irrelevancia, la banalidad y la cobardía. Con su libro Por qué no soy feminista, Crispin pretende que el feminismo recupere la acidez y la fuerza de sus inicios.

Vivimos en un mundo corrupto diseñado por el patriarcado para subyugar, controlar y destruir a todo aquel que lo desafíe, y la única respuesta posible para el feminismo es la revolución. Éste es el grito radical y valiente que Crispin lanza en este nuevo manifiesto feminista: con él exige que las mujeres luchen para erradicar la opresión que padecen alrededor del mundo.

Titulo:Por qué no soy feminista. Un manifiesto feminista
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Acerca de Jessa Crispin

Jessa Crispin is the editor and founder of Her writing has appeared in The Washington Post, The Chicago Sun-Times, The Guardian and The Toronto Globe and Mail, among other publications.

    Por qué no soy feminista. Un manifiesto feminista Comentarios

  • Trin

    Condescending, hypocritical, and bizarrely naive. I barely know where to start with this; I only started taking notes halfway through and I may come back later with more thorough annotations, but for ...

  • Trish

    Jessa Crispin sets out to discomfit us. She is so antagonistic to begin I almost put the audiobook aside. The author reads the Penguin Random House edition, and there is a sarcasm and spite to her voi...

  • Christy

    “Heterosexuality is a fucking hellscape for women” (note from talk by author, February 2017, NYC). I wondered what percentage of the largely White, female NYU undergraduate students crammed into t...

  • Julie Ehlers

    Where to begin. This is a book about how feminism has failed women by being too limited in its thinking. It's definitely possible to make this argument in an effective way, but that's not what Jessa C...

  • Rowena

    Making feminism a universal pursuit might look like a good thing—or at the very least a neutral thing—but in truth it progresses, and I think accelerates, a process that has been detrimental to th...

  • Thomas

    A provocative book that has a couple of important insights but hurts itself overall by prioritizing stylistic flare over substance. Its title, for example - when you read the book, you can see that Je...

  • Sarah

    Please go read some Audre Lorde, Patricia Hill Collins, or Angela Davis instead. I agree that mainstream feminism does not address many of the issues Crispin suggests, but actual intersectional femini...

  • Nicola

    DNFed this trash. You can't write a whole book arguing against imaginary people and their imaginary arguments. Absolutely no rigour or research of contemporary feminism went into this. It's frankly em...

  • Viv JM

    If by declaring myself a feminist I must reassure you that I am not angry, that I pose no threat, then feminism is definitely not for me.I am angry. And I do pose a threat. I can see why this is a pol...

  • Blair

    There's a lot that's interesting in this short, engaging book, and early in Why I am Not a Feminist, Jessa Crispin makes some points that had me nodding along. She opens her manifesto with a disparagi...

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