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A Prayer for Travelers

A Prayer for Travelers

Longlisted for the Pen/Hemingway Award for Debut Fiction

“[A] scorching desert-noir. . . . Like her nervy protagonists, Tomar is a taker of risks.” —New York Times Book Review

“Breathtaking . . . For Penny and Cale, violence looms at all corners and in Tomar’s compassionate rendering, they are imbued with strength, fortitude and fierceness.” —San Francisco Chronicle

Cale Lambert, a bookish loner of mysterious parentage, lives in a dusty town near the California-Nevada border, a place where coyotes scavenge for backyard dogs and long-haul truckers scavenge for pills and girls. Cale was raised by her grandfather in a loving, if codependent, household, but as soon as she's left high school his health begins an agonizing decline. Set adrift for the first time, Cale starts waitressing at the local diner, where she reconnects with Penélope Reyes, a charismatic former classmate running mysterious side-hustles to fund her dreams. Penny exposes Cale to the reality that exists beyond their small town, and the girls become inseparable—until one terrifying act of violence shatters their world. When Penny vanishes without a trace, Cale must set off on a dangerous quest across the desert to find her friend, and discover herself.

An audacious debut, told in deftly interwoven chapters, A Prayer for Travelers explores the complicated legacy of the American West and the trauma of female experience.

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    A Prayer for Travelers Comentarios

  • Michelle

    3.0-3.5 Stars. Your guess is as good as mine on whether another reader would like this or not. It's a love it or hate it kind of book. I've seen some people compare this to Sadie and I'd say it's of t...

  • Barbara

    “A Prayer For Travelers” is Ruchika Tomar’s debut novel. It’s a literary mystery involving a loner teenage girl and her missing fearless friend.Cale is that awkward girl in school who has no f...

  • Janet

    This book, about the friendship of two very different young women in a desert town so small its known only to those who live there. A quiet girl who cares for her grandfather on the land, sensitive to...

  • Anne ?

    Wow! I adored this gritty noir mystery/coming-of-age debut! It has gorgeous writing, a suspenseful edginess, and a Nevada desert town setting that drips with desolation and desperation.The story is to...

  • Kelly

    The blurbs on this book are so Literary and don't tell you that this is a mystery, told out of order, about a brown girl named Cale who is raised by her grandfather who becomes entwined with a brown g...

  • Stacey A.  Prose and Palate

    “The entire right side of my face was throbbing, but Penny still looked beautiful; her exquisite features unmarred. She bore no physical changes from the events of the evening, no by-product of terr...

  • Paltia

    An imaginative tale of the symmetrical and complimentary relationship between two female friends. There are those places deep inside where past pain and trauma lodge themselves. They may, in part, res...

  • ?Karen

    3.5 stars. This book surprised me with Chapters numbered 31, then 2, then 5, then 3, etc., which usually really, really irritates me. But actually the numbering helped me to keep straight where in the...

  • Bonnie Brody

    While I found the writing quite compelling and poetic at times, this novel just didn't come together for me. This had nothing to do with the unique way that the chapters were not non-linearly laid out...

  • Megan P ?

    4.25/5CW: sexual abuse/assault & violence (both in-text)I really loved this but it wasn’t an easy read.Pros: Absolutely excellent writing and atmosphere, with characters you deeply care about. I cou...

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