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Begin Again

Begin Again

He makes the rules. She breaks them all.

A new start. It's the only thing keeping Allie Harper going, when she packs up her life and moves across the country to Woodshill, Oregon. She's about to start college, desperate to leave the ghosts of her past behind her. Even if that means never talking to her parents again.

Now the hard part - finding an apartment before classes start. Just when it seems she'll have to live out of her car, Allie visits one more place. It's beautiful. With one exception: can she stand being roommates with campus bad boy Kaden White? Sure, Kaden is sexy with his tattoos and careless attitude, but he's also an arrogant jerk. With nowhere else to go, Allie moves in.

The first thing Kaden does is make a set of rules. Either Allie obeys, or she's out:

1. Don't talk about your girl problems.
2. Keep your mouth shut if I bring someone home.
3. We will NEVER hook up.

Easy enough, thinks Allie. Who would want to get involved with a brute like Kaden? But the more she gets to know him, the more she sees beyond his gruff facade. He, too, is harboring some painful secrets. For Kaden and Allie, it gets harder and harder to ignore the sparks between them. And the lines between the rules start to blur-

Begin Again is a beautiful romance that shows us just how possible it is to start over. To find freedom in heartbreak and love in the most unlikely places.

Titulo:Begin Again
Idioma de edición:English
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Acerca de Mona Kasten

Mona Kasten wurde 1992 geboren und studierte Bibliotheks- und Informationsmanagement, bevor sie sich ganz dem Schreiben widmete. Sie lebt gemeinsam mit ihrem Mann und ihren Katzen sowie unendlich vielen Büchern in Hamburg, liebt Koffein in jeglicher Form, lange Waldspaziergänge und Tage, an denen sie nur schreiben kann.

    Begin Again Comentarios

  • ~Mindy Lynn~

    3.5 StarsI read this book in one sitting. It draws you right in at the beginning when Allie and Kaden meet. Things don't start off so well and their banter was pretty funny. I hardly ever come across ...

  • Nina

    *Thanks again to Bastei Entertainment for sending me an ARC of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.* I’ve been meaning to read ‘Begin Again’ by Mona Kasten for a very l...

  • Sarah Dorothea

    5 out of 5 stars! ⭐️ I think I might have found a new favourite author to add to my ‚favourite authors‘ list. MONA KASTEN is unbelievable... I loved this book so much to the point that I had g...

  • Jean

    I loved it! I devoured it! Those of you who like the broody, jerkface alpha male, this book is for you.Allie has escaped her family life to begin again at college. She just needs a place to live. Turn...

  • Bev

    I received this arc via Netgalley for an honest review, and I'm all about the honesty!I struggled with this one a tad. The book was written in German and translated to English and I think the dimensio...

  • Luzie

    Wow, such a powerful NA-book! I loved the story, it seemed really authentic and sweet. The issues that were battled in this book seemed more real and genuine, and i loved the ending. Also i did not ge...

  • Kristy K

    1.5 StarsUnfortunately I had a lot of issues with this book. While the premise sounded interesting, the execution was poor. Underdeveloped characters that had too many inconsistencies in their persona...

  • R

    2 “Listen to your friend” StarsARC via NetGalley.Thank you!I can see Begin Again being big during the NA golden years a while back. It had the key elements: young people going to college and makin...

  • Tessa

    I received a copy of this book through NetGalley for my honest review.5 stars!! I wish it hadn't ended it was so good! This book is why I love reading. The angst, the worry, the swooning moments. It h...

  • Carla C

    English Few books reach me as much as this one did. And to think that I hesitated when reading it because of its bad reviews... Never, never get carried away by that, because thanks to not pay atte...

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