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A Cardboard Palace

A Cardboard Palace

Jorge lives in a shanty town on the outskirts of Paris. Bill, a controller, has an army of child thieves at his command - and Jorge is one of them.
But soon Jorge faces an even bigger threat. His home is to be bulldozed. Where will Jorge sleep? What will happen to his friends, Ada and Gino? Could a growing friendship with Australian chef Sticky Ricky help Jorge to stop Bill and save the army of child thieves?
And will he do it before he loses Ada forever?
Jorge can't keep fighting to live - now he must live to fight.

A humbling story about one boy's desperation to escape a life of crippling poverty.

Titulo:A Cardboard Palace
Idioma de edición:English
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Acerca de Allayne L. Webster

Allayne grew up in a coastal fishing town in rural South Australia. During her high school days, Allayne became of obsessed with Judy Blume. The only thing she wanted for her thirteenth birthday was the novel, 'Are you there, God? It's me, Margaret.'

    A Cardboard Palace Comentarios

  • Julia

    Review first published at"Lately I don't feel like I belong anywhere - least of all to the people back in the village, or those in camp No Man's Land." Allayne L. Webster in A ...

  • Amanda

    A Cardboard Palace by Allayne L. Webster is set in Paris, but it's not the Paris we see advertised to tourists. Jorge is eleven-years-old and he was taken from his family in Romania years ago and ...

  • Rebecca jones

    Favourite new author for kids/young adults. The main character, Jorge, was such a likeable kid, especially given his circumstances, - he showed such resilience. A good insight for my 12 year old. Ther...

  • Robert Moore

    A Cardboard PalaceIt’s Paris. Beautiful Paris. But take a closer look at the city of love. Eleven year old Jorge is preparing to steal money from an old man at an ATM. As a member of an army of chil...

  • Dimity Powell

    Jorge is sweet and sensitive with a core of goodness only he doubts. Yet he exists in a barrel of rottenness, fettered to a life of homelessness, petty crime and abject poverty in the heart of one of ...

  • Elizabeth

    As many of you know, I'll read just about anything set in France. This is the story of Jorge. He lives in a shanty town outside Paris, though is originally from Romania. He was sold to Bill at a young...

  • Tina Jameson

    A modern Oliver Twist - right down to the evil 'Bill Sykes'. The novel has confronting concepts in it that would be challenging to explain to it's younger audience (as an adult they are obvious) - but...

  • Sandra

    A fabulous young adult novel. Jorge and his friends have been taken from their parents by a soulless man, Bill. He forces the children to steal for him and treats them cruelly. Jorge and his friends l...

  • Nalani

    I thought this was going to be a lot more childish given the description. However, I was pleasantly surprised. Though it's a children's novel it goes about the subject of homelessness quite realistica...

  • Noni Harrison

    A good read for younger years of middle school. It wraps up a little quickly through. I would have liked the end to be a bit more developed....

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