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En livstræt psykiater tæller ned til pensionen. Egentlig skal han bare have afviklet sine sidste patienter, men hans plan forstyrres, da en ung, tysk kvinde insisterer på at komme i terapi hos ham. Og da hans trofaste sekretær pludselig melder si...

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Acerca de Anne Cathrine Bomann

Dansk psykolog og forfatter, som foreløbig har udgivet to digtsamlinger som alt for ung, romanen Agathe fra 2017, en fagbog om skizofreni i 2018 og ungdomsromanen Hvad ingen ved i 2019.

    Agathe Comentarios

  • Elyse  Walters

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WONDERFUL!!!“Agatha”, by Anne Cathrine Bormann, is an international best seller.Anne Cathrine Bormann lives in Copenhagen where she divides her time between writing and working as ...

  • Karen

    I loved this little gem of a book. Finished it in one afternoon! A 72 year old psychiatrist is counting down the hours he has left with patients before retiring, and against his wishes a woman named A...

  • Vanessa

    Loneliness, ageing, and mortality are not the cheeriest of subjects but this book deals with it successfully. When a psychiatrist nearing retirement starts to count down the hours when he can finally ...

  • Rebecca

    In late-1940s Paris, a psychiatrist counts down the days and appointments until his retirement. He’s so jaded that he barely listens to his patients anymore. “Was I just lazy, or was I genuinely s...

  • Marianne

    4.5★sAgatha is the first novel by Danish psychologist, author and table-tennis champion, Anne Cathrine Bomann. It is flawlessly translated from Danish by Caroline Waight. Paris, 1948. The unnamed ps...

  • Sashi Grayndler

    This book delves into the inner workings of someone who has spent his lifetime hearing the inner workings of others. His days are counted down as the loneliness magnifies until Agatha comes into his l...

  • Kirsty

    I had not heard of Danish author Anne Cathrine Bomann's debut novel, Agatha, before spotting it in my local library.  Bomann's 2017 novel became an international bestseller by word of mouth, and has ...

  • Evi

    The premise was interesting enough for me to want to read this book. It's short, about 150 pages, so I finished it in an evening. I get what's the main message but this is more like a draft to me than...

  • Jersy

    Interesting concept told from a point of view I don't normally read from, I wasn't 100% into the execution, but it was something else for once.It was challenging for me to relate to this mostly unlika...

  • Louise

    This is going to be one of those books I talk about a lot.About how I very much liked it,but can't say why.Maybe I identified with the main character,counting down the days to something...Those little...

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