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Gamora: Memento Mori

Gamora: Memento Mori

From screenwriter Nicole Perlman - co-writer of the Guardians of the Galaxy screenplay - and Marvel superstar artist Marco Checchetto, comes a killer new ongoing series! Once upon a time, Gamora was Thanos' heartless pet assassin and favorite adopted daughter. Today, she is the backbone of the Guardians of the Galaxy, putting her life on the line to defend the innocent throughout the universe. What was it that transformed her from being used as a tool of her oppressor, to a champion of the powerless? Embark on a journey of revenge and redemption, and witness how Gamora earned her reputation as the Deadliest Woman in the Galaxy.


Titulo:Gamora: Memento Mori
Idioma de edición:English
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    Gamora: Memento Mori Comentarios

  • Paul E. Morph

    This is half of Gamora's movie backstory smooshed together with half of her comicbook backstory... Nobody at Marvel gives a damn about continuity or consistency anymore. The only thing that kept me re...

  • kristen ?

    this was....a let down to be honest. i was expecting a lot to come from this but all i gained was an unnecessary backstory that i honestly could have inferred from my prior knowledge (look at me sound...

  • Mladen

    Gamora, a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. The daughter of the mad titan Thanos. This is a story, about how she became, the deadliest assassin in the galaxy.What I liked: The story, and learning...

  • Chad

    Hmmm. I guess this was based on Gamora from the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. If not, they've thrown out most of her comic book origins. Plus, this was penned by one of the screenwriters. The best t...

  • Trike

    This started off solidly but it loses its way halfway through. It tries to splice the movie version of Gamora onto the comic version of her with clunky results that are neither fish nor fowl.The Gamor...

  • Jeff Lanter

    After enjoying Guardians of the Galaxy 1 and 2 like pretty much any person with a pulse, it was natural that I started checking out recent Guardians comics to see if any of them capture the magic of t...

  • Emily

    3.5 stars. Memento Mori is a backstory for the Gamora of the MCU's Guardians of the Galaxy, penned by one of the film's screenwriters. It reads a bit like a film, with a clear beginning, middle, and e...

  • Mitchell

    Kind of a Gamora origin story. I didn't want to like it. As a rule I find Marvel Space Books almost unreadable. And Thanos makes any story worse. But this one was actually pretty good. It had a beginn...

  • R. G. Nairam

    Meh. Not terrible, but it seems to be trying to do some of the same development for Gamora that the Guardians films did but...not as well. I think I would have actually liked it more if it hadn't take...

  • Gerry Sacco

    Surprisingly good trade. This adds a lot of depth to the Gamora character, and I really enjoyed the art. I wish there was more....

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