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La historia secreta de Twin Peaks

La historia secreta de Twin Peaks

Directamente de las manos del co-creador de la serie «Twin Peaks», uno de los mayores logros de la televisión moderna, nos llega una novela que no sólo profundiza en los misterios de esta excéntrica localidad, enriqueciendo la original, sino que preparara a los lectores para su inminente
tercera temporada.
Con el descubrimiento del cuerpo asesinado de Laura Palmer en la costa de Twin Peaks arrancaba uno de los mayores fenómenos populares de las últimas décadas. Ante los ojos del agente del FBI Dale Cooper se abrieron entonces todo tipo de secretos inimaginables que se escondían bajo la aparente normalidad de la comunidad y, junto a él, millones de fans en todo el mundo se iniciaron en el inimitable trabajo de David Lynch y Mark Frost.

Titulo:La historia secreta de Twin Peaks
Idioma de edición:Spanish
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    La historia secreta de Twin Peaks Comentarios

  • Ben Brown

    Diane, it’s 8:43 p.m. on May the 22, and I have just completed what I believe to be a monumental and not insignificant undertaking: over the course of the last 10 days, I have successfully devoured ...

  • karen

    i STILL haven't sat down with this book for any length of time, but i HAVE made a glorious endcap: and now the funkos have arrived!! come and get 'em!********************************************...

  • Kemper

    I read this while enjoying a piece of cherry pie and a cup of damn good black coffee after installing my silent drape runners. And lemme tell you about this crazy dream I had last night. I was in this...

  • Paquita Maria Sanchez

    Do not read this if you have yet to watch the first two seasons of Twin Peaks. Oh, you know why I get to put it that way? Because there's gonna be a third! Wheeeeeee!!! Anyway, warned. Well...

  • Craig

    Not only is the book a beautiful design, but the story takes the reader deeper into the (his)story of Twin Peaks and its inhabitants, as well as into the history of the United States. Thematically, on...

  • Richard Jr.

    You should read this before you open up the book. Spoiler free review.USPS somehow delivered this to me a few days early (thanks US mail) so I read this over the very rainy weekend.This is not a novel...

  • El


  • Neil R. Coulter

    About 23% of The Secret History of Twin Peaks is very interesting. The rest reads like X-files fan-fiction (it's even annotated by a very Scully-like FBI agent, whose intials--it hurts to say this-- a...

  • Andrew

    First off a few ground rules - Twin Peaks was required viewing while I studied at university. I loved the first series, got confused by the second and lost the plot with the film. Okay that was a rath...

  • Jim Dooley

    Mark Frost, the writer of this book, is the co-creator of the TWIN PEAKS television series. So, no matter what a reviewer has to say about the book, the true TWIN PEAKS fan is going to read this (espe...

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