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Muse Vol. 2: Coraline

Muse Vol. 2: Coraline

The sexy, dreamy adventures of Coraline, a beautiful young lady who serves as governess to a wealthy, inventive and very mysterious homeowner. PUBLICATION IN 2 VOLUMES - COMPLETED SERIES. Charming Coraline is hired as the private tutor to the young son of rich landlords. Her mission is to entertain her too studious pupil, Vernère. He is only a child, but one with a brilliant and indefatigable mind solely focused on books and inventions. To top it off, he is quite unpleasant. Coraline nonetheless tries to understand him while gradually discovering the strange and surprising universe of the mansion, whose nocturnal ambiance seems so amenable for very strange dreams... Muse is a lyrical and titillating ride through reverie and nostalgia, drawn by comics superstar Terry Dodson (Marvel's Uncanny X-Men, DC's Harley Quinn).

Titulo:Muse Vol. 2: Coraline
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    Muse Vol. 2: Coraline Comentarios

  • C. Varn

    While the premise was promising, the entire thing doesn't quite deliver beyond a teenage wetdream. The art remains stunning but the promise of the premise and the coherence of the plot kind of falls a...

  • Lady Entropy

    This is a strange, beautiful book. It is slightly erotic, but comes across more like softcore erotica steampunk, than anything gaudier. I read the french version which meant I might had lost bits of t...

  • David Harlan

    I had really hoped that volume 2 might make some sense, but the conclusion of the story left me in doubt as to whether there was a plot at all. It is an adolescent fantasy, but the art is gorgeous. ...

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