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山田と少年 [Yamada to Shounen]

山田と少年 [Yamada to Shounen]




On his way back from work on Christmas Eve, Yamada (26) discovers a drunk and crying high school boy and takes him home. That boy was mulling over being in love with someone of the same sex.

A straight adult and a gay high schooler.

It is a piece that sets gender aside as their hearts grow ever closer. This is Mita Ori's long-awaited series.

Titulo:山田と少年 [Yamada to Shounen]
Idioma de edición:Japanese
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Acerca de Ori Mita

    山田と少年 [Yamada to Shounen] Comentarios

  • MaDoReader

    Bonito, me ha gustado que Yamada, físicamente, no es el típico personaje de yaoi....

  • Shannon

    so pure and sweet o.o...

  • Sophie

    I'd been dancing around this for a while, and now that it was listed on "Kono BL ga yabai" I figured I'd give it a try. And I'm so glad I did! Reading this really cheered me up. Super cute and 100% lo...

  • Nahia

    3'5 en realidad.Me ha gustado y me ha parecido super adorable, pero al mismo tiempo me ha sabido a poco....

  • Daesy

    God!they are so damn cute!!!there should be more couples like this in the yaoi world, sweet and romantic and not only based on angst and sex. I would be happy to read more chapters about them....

  • allythereader

    3.5 stars. I love their innocence and pure love for each other...

  • Venus Maneater

    This is a great starter yaoi, IMO. It's very cute, very light and (yeah, SPOILER) has a very happy ending. The smut is short and vanilla, but the romance is stretched thick throughout the entire story...

  • Blak Rayne

    In Yamada to Shounen, Yamada a twenty-six-year-old labourer, on his way back from work Christmas night, discovers a drunk and crying high school student, Chihiro, lying on the ground. In the spur of t...

  • TiramisuCram

    I really love this one!!! I'm not into the age difference plots but this one is SO CUTE!!Yama is 26 and found this high school but drunk in the Street, he help him and found that the guy is gay and ha...

  • Enya

    3.5 stars...
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