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Frio Como El Hielo

Frio Como El Hielo

El cuerpo duro de el se aprieta contra mi espalda y no puedo apartar la vista de nuestra imagen en el espejo. Una de sus manos abandona mi pecho y desaparece, deja de verse pero no de sentirse. Nunca pense que enterraria a mi hermano. Brian Hatcher es muy osado. Pensaba que no volveria a verle la cara. Se salio de la policia para unirse a los Tornados de Hierro, la misma banda a la que investigaba mi hemano. Lo odio. Deberia odiarlo. Quiero odiarlo. Ha dado la espalda a todo lo que antes defendia. Y sin embargo, lo deseo, aunque se haya convertido en un motero frio como el hielo."

Titulo:Frio Como El Hielo
Idioma de edición:Spanish
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Acerca de Olivia Rigal

Olivia Rigal started publishing short novels in 2013 as an indie.

    Frio Como El Hielo Comentarios

  • Sana

    Oh no no no guys. Sunny is mad at this shit thing that actually somehow got published??? And you know what else??? PEOPLE actually like this "Brian" guy, the oh so hot love interest?? He is a complete...

  • Jinx

    I can't even put into words how utterly stupid Lisa was. She repeatedly let Brian humiliate her in front of his "brothers" without repercussion. Instead she rewards his disrespect with sex. What is i...

  • Mintcola

    I'm sorry but this book made me angry, not just disappointed. First of all, the heroine is one super big desperate SLUT. The girl is pathetic with a capital P. First of all, she sees Brian and even af...

  • Judy

    This book ends in a cliff hanger, which will be continued in book 2. I guess there are differing options as to what a cliff hanger is because some reviews said it was not a cliff hanger. The book is a...

  • Shaly

    This was my first read by this author and I have to admit that I was very disappointed.  First and foremost this book ends on a damn CLIFFHANGER and anyone who has read my past reviews will know how ...

  • Lustful Literature

    **JOSIE'S REVIEW**Stone Cold by Olivia Rigal is the first book I have read by this author, but once I saw the title had an MC in it, I was sold. Stone Cold is a short read about 124 pages. I wish it w...

  • Melissa Mendoza

    Received a copy in exchange for an honest reviewWatching him touching me is overwhelming. My eyes are glued on his hands, and I forget everything. My mouth is open, but Ive stopped breathing.3 stars. ...

  • Cocktails and Books

    This started off so well, but then it seemed like we were rushed along with certain plot points so we could get to a rather unfulfilling ending. Obviously, there was a lot of history between Brian and...

  • Janice Somers

    Really great story. Safe readTwo friends, that are also neighbors , come back from war and go to the police academy. One drops out two weeks before finals and graduation. The other graduates and joins...

  • Lu Bielefeld

    Many unanswered questions and the ending was too fast....

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