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Vom Ende der Einsamkeit

Vom Ende der Einsamkeit

Jules und seine beiden Geschwister wachsen behütet auf, bis ihre Eltern bei einem Unfall ums Leben kommen. Als Erwachsene glauben sie, diesen Schicksalsschlag überwunden zu haben. Doch dann holt sie die Vergangenheit wieder ein. Ein berührender Roman über das Überwinden von Verlust und Einsamkeit und über die Frage, was in einem Menschen unveränderlich ist. Und vor allem: eine große Liebesgeschichte.

Titulo:Vom Ende der Einsamkeit
Idioma de edición:German
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    Vom Ende der Einsamkeit Comentarios

  • Angela M

    A well written story affords us the opportunity to feel what the characters are feeling even if their experience is not one that is totally familiar. I know what grief feels like over losing loved one...

  • JV (semi-hiatus)

    "What is it that makes a life into what it becomes?" Profound, sonorous, poignant, and deeply cathartic, The End of Loneliness is but one of the few novels that I would consider a literary magnum o...

  • Elyse  Walters

    My gosh.... the purity of this novel is beautiful. The storytelling MAGNIFICENT!It’s a book you want to own - let some time pass - then read it again. A few novels are high on my ‘gift’ lists......

  • jessica

    ‘there were things i couldnt say; i could only write them. because when i spoke, i thought; and when i wrote, i felt.’ what a surprise this book is. the kind of quiet surprise that ever so quie...

  • Diane S ?

    My first five star read of 2019. Five stars because it gave me a very good story, some great and memorable characters, as well as delivering all the feels. A complimentary side of marshmallow thrown i...

  • Peter

    PersistenceThe End of Loneliness is a story that affirms the power of love and the throbbing pain of loss and loneliness. How the heart can be nourished and torn apart, leaving us with an unforgettabl...

  • ?ntellecta

    At first i was curious about an unusual story by Benedict Wells, so i was excited to read. Benedict Wells has a great writing style. He usualy knows how to handle with words, but did not touch me with...


    This was a very moving account of three siblings from Munich, Germany who tragically lost their parents in a car accident. The story is told from the perspective of the youngest son, Jules. As the sto...

  • Andrew Smith

    The book opens with the line: I’ve known Death a long time, but now Death knows me. Jules wakes in a hospital bed - he’s been in an accident and he’s pretty beaten up. He tries to piece it to...

  • Karen

    4.5This was a book about siblings Liz, Marty, and Jules.. who at young ages, lost both their parents in a traffic accident, and then were sent to boarding school for many years. They were separated fr...

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