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Solving the Puzzle Under the Sea: Marie Tharp Maps the Ocean Floor

Solving the Puzzle Under the Sea: Marie Tharp Maps the Ocean Floor

Filled with gorgeous illustrations by acclaimed artist Raúl Colón, this illustrated biography shares the story of female scientist, Marie Tharp, a pioneering woman scientist and the first person to ever successfully map the ocean floor.

Marie Tharp was always fascinated by the ocean. Taught to think big by her father who was a mapmaker, Marie wanted to do something no one had ever done before: map the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Was it even possible? Not sure if she would succeed, Marie decided to give it a try.
Throughout history, others had tried and failed to measure the depths of the oceans. Sailors lowered weighted ropes to take measurements. Even today, scientists are trying to measure the depth by using echo sounder machines to track how long it would take a sound wave sent from a ship to the sea floor to come back. But for Marie, it was like piecing together an immense jigsaw puzzle.
Despite past failures and challenges—sometimes Marie would be turned away from a ship because having a woman on board was “bad luck”—Marie was determined to succeed. And she did, becoming the first person to chart the ocean floor, helping us better understand the planet we call home.

Titulo:Solving the Puzzle Under the Sea: Marie Tharp Maps the Ocean Floor
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Acerca de Robert Burleigh

Over the past 35 years, I have published poems, reviews, essays, many filmstrips and videos, and more than 40 children's picture books.

    Solving the Puzzle Under the Sea: Marie Tharp Maps the Ocean Floor Comentarios

  • Brina

    I read Solving the Puzzle Under the Sea by Robert Burleigh, illustrations by Raul Colon for a Mock Caldecott group I am in here on Goodreads. Although I was supposed to rate the illustrations, I feel ...

  • David Schaafsma

    We have a lot of books stacked here for Women's history month, which looks like is being extended in this house. This book has a lovely title on a topic I knew very little about. Well, cartography is ...

  • Abigail

    The daughter of a traveling surveyor, Marie Tharp grew up with a keen interest in maps and cartography, eventually going on to earn degrees in music, English, mathematics and geology. Despite the resi...

  • Jim Erekson

    So this is a very nice biography, and Colon's illustrations are marvelous as usual--texture, color, depth, control of static and dynamic lines. It's all we have come to expect. And Burleigh's writing ...

  • Lynn

    All the pieces come together here: informative text, fascinating science subject really well explained, stunningly gorgeous illustrations that also extend and inform the text. This is truly an outstan...

  • Rachel

    Interesting biography of a pioneering woman, like how it's written as if first person, lovely illustrations....

  • Jenny

    How fascinating! I've never heard of Marie Tharp before but this tells a bit about her childhood, moving around the U.S. as her father created maps of the soil for farmers. Then after college, she bec...

  • Lesley Burnap

    Wonderful biography about scientist Maria Tharp and how she worked to map the ocean floor. A great story of perseverance and devotion. I love the women in science picture books that have come out in r...

  • Shiloah

    Interesting! I wish it went into more depth, but it’s a great starting point for some learning rabbit trails....

  • Sarah Sammis

    Story about mapping the ocean floor. Raúl Colón's illustrations are GORGEOUS.

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