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New York Times bestselling author Marie Force writing as M.S. Force…

He’s a sexual dominant. She’s sworn off sex. There’s no way they can make a relationship work—or can they?

After surviving a traumatic event at age fifteen and the ensuing estrangement from her family, Natalie Bryant has worked for years to reinvent herself into the woman she is today—a happy teacher fresh out of college and enjoying her first winter in New York City with her faithful dog, Fluff, by her side. Natalie isn’t expecting her life to change completely during a routine stroll through Greenwich Village on a blustery January day. But when Fluff breaks loose and charges into a park, Natalie gives chase and crashes into her destiny. Only after Fluff bites and draws blood from the man who accidentally knocked Natalie down does she realize Fluff has bitten the biggest movie star in the world.

He has no business being enthralled by the gorgeous, young, innocent teacher…

Natalie captivates Flynn Godfrey from the first moment their eyes meet while she is lying on the ground and he’s fighting off her ferocious little beast of a dog. The only thing Flynn knows for certain is if he lets Natalie get away, he’ll regret it for the rest of his life. After only a short time in her presence, Flynn is prepared to change who he is to be what she needs. He knows he’s in big trouble when she says she won’t sleep with him and he doesn’t care if it means he gets to keep her in his life. But can he turn his back on the lifestyle that has defined him? Can he deny the desires that drive him to give Natalie the introduction to love and romance she so deserves? And most of all, can he keep his truth hidden from her long enough to have forever with her?

Join Flynn and Natalie as their story unfolds in three full-length books released three weeks in a row: VIRTUOUS, VALOROUS and VICTORIOUS. From New York to Los Angeles, from Hollywood to Las Vegas, Flynn and Natalie’s whirlwind love affair has it all—romance, passion, steamy hot sex, relentless paparazzi and a murder that could be their undoing.

If you hate dirty-talking heroes who put it all on the line for the women they love, who leave no desire unfulfilled, who will do anything it takes to protect what’s theirs…If elements of BDSM make you queasy, if smoking hot sex isn’t your thing, if cliffhangers make you rage, if you hate first-person points of view from the heroine AND the hero... this trilogy is NOT for you! You’ve been warned…

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    Virtuous Comentarios

  • Aestas Book Blog

    SQUEE!!!! I'm in LOVE with this trilogy!! This is the first book of a complete trilogy (how exciting is that -- all the books are out!!!) and I read it in one non-stop sitting. My heart was RACING f...

  • SueBee?bring me an alpha!?

    FREE on Amazon US today (11/5/2016)Book 1 in series. Their story was concluded in book 3.BLURB:He’s a sexual dominant. She’s sworn off sex. There’s no way they can make a relationship work...

  • ??Arianna??

    A 23 years old girl from Nebraska, Natalie is currently living in New York working as an elementary teacher. One day she literally runs into Flynn Godfrey, a famous movie star who is intrigued by her...

  • Jen

    What a pleasant surprise ths book turned out to be!! I decided to check this out now that the fifth book just came out on Amazon. Me being me, have always had to start a series from the start, and I a...

  • AJ

    4 swoony starsWhat’s not to love about the dream of a celebrity falling for a ‘normal’ girl? Especially when the love story is told with lots of detail, lots of swoon, and some hot and steamy mo...

  • Lorraine Lesar

    Now this was an interesting read in lots of different ways.....Firstly - in this e-version we have the same story twice - a clean version and a not-so-clean version (I’ll leave it to your own though...

  • Pea

    Girl next door meets Prince Charming... ‘Someday, probably years from now, a woman will come strolling into the room, and all the oxygen will seem to leave with her arrival. Your chest will be tig...

  • Angela (Reading Frenzy Book Blog)

    “Virtuous” is the first book in the Quantum Trilogy. The series came highly recommended so this is the first time I’ve gone into a book completely blind. I didn’t read a single review or even ...

  • CeCe

    I tried and tried and tried to like this, but I just could not get into it. I love the premise - move star falls for a teacher. The heroine was too star struck with the hero for my liking. She probabl...

  • Rachel

    Overall rating: 4 stars!Triggers:Cheating: (view spoiler)[ No - in the past, the hero's ex wife cheated on him and then he cheated on her right back, but that's it. That was years ago and he hasn't be...

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