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El lector

El lector

Una novela del despertar emocional que nunca olvidará.

Cuando el adolescente Michael Berg cae enfermo volviendo a casa del colegio, es ayudado por Hanna, una mujer que lo dobla en edad. Con el tiempo, ella se convertirá en su amante, cautivándolo con su pasión, pero confundiéndolo con sus silencios. Pero un día, Hanna desaparece sin dejar rastro.

Siete años después, Michael, ahora estudiante de derecho, vuelve a ver a Hanna cuando ésta es llevada a juicio por un horrible crimen del que se niega a defenderse. Mientras sigue el juicio, debatiéndose entre el rechazo y los recuerdos de la mujer a la que amó, Michael comprenderá que quizá Hanna guarde un secreto más vergonzoso que el propio asesinato.

Titulo:El lector
Idioma de edición:Spanish
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Acerca de Bernhard Schlink

Bernhard Schlink is a German jurist and writer. He became a judge at the Constitutional Court of the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia in 1988 and has been a professor of public law and the philosophy of law at Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany since January 2006.

    El lector Comentarios

  • BlackOxford

    What About the Children?The Reader is a profound exposition of the 'second generation' issues concerning moral guilt for the Holocaust. But it is, I think, also relevant more generally to the way in w...

  • karen

    booring. is that a review?? this was just very flat to me. i wasn't offended by the subject matter - i could care less about the "scandalous" elements. but the writing was so clinical and thin. at one...

  • Ahmad Sharabiani

    Der Vorleser = The reader, Bernhard SchlinkThe Reader is a novel by German law professor and judge Bernhard Schlink, published in Germany in 1995. The story is told in three parts by the main characte...

  • Lavinia

    I have the feeling there's more than one way of looking at this book. On one hand it can be viewed as a bildungsroman, it follows Michael Berg since the age of 15 till full maturity. On the other hand...

  • Emily May

    I'm not really sure why this book is considered one of the best books of all time and managed to make into the big 1001 list. Most of the time, even if I don't like a book, I tend to understand why so...

  • Whitney Atkinson

    This is the deep character development and type of writing that i've been craving. A book that made me think and ask so many questions. Sometimes I felt like I was struggling through really heavy writ...

  • Apokripos

    There are some books you know will stay with you forever, and Bernhard Schlink's The Reader is definitely one of them. It has been highly critically acclaimed, winning the Boston Book Review's Fisk Fi...

  • Hirdesh

    Great book.Wonderful piece and remotely expressed Words flowing like water in oceans.I'd Miss someone with that book.As the Young Lady entangled with teen.Which flows the flawless love between them ev...

  • ?ntellecta

    The book is clearly structured. Also the choice of words is at a normal level and therefore also suitable for beginners in classical, great literature....

  • Anne(marie)

    The biggest problem I had with this book was the fact that it made me feel...nothing. I didn't feel connected to the characters or to any part of the plot. This is quite a bummer, as it deals with a p...

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