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Psychopolitik: Neoliberalismus und die neuen Machttechniken

Psychopolitik: Neoliberalismus und die neuen Machttechniken

Nach seinem Bestseller "Müdigkeitsgesellschaft" führt der Berliner Philosoph Byung-Chul Han seine Kritik am Neoliberalismus leidenschaftlich fort. Pointiert legt er die Herrschafts- und Machttechnik des neoliberalen Regimes dar, die im Gegensatz zu Foucaults Biopolitik die Psyche als Produktivkraft entdeckt. Han beschreibt die neoliberale Psychopolitik in all ihren Facetten, die in eine Krise der Freiheit führt. Im Rahmen dieser Analytik der neoliberalen Machttechnik werden darüber hinaus eine erste Theorie von Big Data und eine luzide Phänomenologie der Emotion vorgelegt.

Titulo:Psychopolitik: Neoliberalismus und die neuen Machttechniken
Idioma de edición:German
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Acerca de Byung-Chul Han

Byung-Chul Han, also spelled Pyŏng-ch'ŏl Han (born 1959 in Seoul), is a German author, cultural theorist, and Professor at the Universität der Künste Berlin (UdK) in Berlin, Germany.

    Psychopolitik: Neoliberalismus und die neuen Machttechniken Comentarios

  • ?Misericordia? ~ The Serendipity Aegis ~  ?????? ????

    Well, Big Data comes across as waay too villainized here. I believe that instruments, such as Big Data, should not be villainized, their masters should be. After all, no instrument works on its own, a...

  • Owlseyes

    "The Panopticon is a type of institutional building and a system of control designed by the English philosopher and social theorist Jeremy Bentham in the late 18th century. The scheme of the design is...

  • Trevor

    One of the last things Foucault come up with was the idea of biopolitics. The short version is that much of the regulation of society is concerned with the regulation of the body. This book references...

  • Philipp

    This is such a mixed bag, frustrating to read.The first half develops the thought of psychopolitics, the new form of power under neoliberalism. This is an amazing part. It's deliberately named after F...

  • Wendy Liu

    Some good points on the novel mechanisms for disciplining used by neoliberalism ("Neoliberalism is the capitalism of 'Like'") and personalised ad targeting as emblematic of neoliberalism's turn toward...

  • Philippe

    With the intensification of capitalism into neoliberalism - a process initiated barely a few decades ago - a new and subtle regime of coercion, or more precisely auto-coercion, started to manifest its...

  • Mikaellyng

    This book has some good takes expanding on the concepts of Benthams Panopticon, Benjamins Optical Uncounsiness and Foucaults discipline society, in the terms of modern neoliberalism. Han continues whe...

  • Dominique

    3.5 stars...

  • Eren Bu?lal?lar

    An updated version of "We are doomed there is no working class anymore so communism is impossible yes capitalism is bad but omnipresent and forever thus resistance is futile and [enter Dave Mustaine v...

  • ---

    I got the same hair-standing-up-on-the-back-of-your-neck feeling while reading Psychopolitics as I did reading Foucault for the first time. I always love Foucaultian power theories, because they bring...

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