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El amor dura tres años

El amor dura tres años

No das crédito a estar tan enamorado. Durante un año, la vida es una sucesión de soleadas mañanas. Te dedicas a escribir libros sobre esta cuestión. Te casas lo antes posible. El segundo año, hacéis el amor cada vez menos. Resistes la tentación de fijarte en las señoritas ligeras de ropa. El tercer año, ya no resistes la tentación. Llega el momento en que ya no puedes soportar a tu esposa, te has enamorado de otra. Recibes dos noticias. La noticia buena: tu mujer te abandona. La noticia mala: empiezas otro libro. Una historia de amor muy moderna, radicalmente autobiográfica, que el autor-protagonista presenta de forma aguda y desenvuelta.

Titulo:El amor dura tres años
Idioma de edición:Spanish
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Acerca de Frédéric Beigbeder

Beigbeder was born into a privileged family in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France. His mother, Christine de Chasteigner, is a translator of mawkish novels (Barbara Cartland et al.); his father, Jean-Michel Beigbeder, is a headhunter. He studied at the Lycée Montaigne and Louis-le-Grand, and later at the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris. Upon graduation at the at the age of 24, began work as an adverti

    El amor dura tres años Comentarios

  • R?ta

    I'll try to be honest. I was expecting something different out of this book. Something cynical and, even more, skeptical. I hoped it will be rational and so realistic that it annoys you if you are in ...

  • Gabriela Epihova

    God,(who doesn't exist)who gave a pen to that French poseur? OK.I got it.Not everyone can write, but at least be reasonable enough not to publish it. I make a comment on L'amour dure trois ans in par...

  • Floeberg

    My intention is far from trying to comment the plot line of "Love lasts three years". After all, what makes a novel worthwhile in the first place is not the story itself, but the substance of it and t...

  • Thomas

    Beigbeder in Love last three years is a prototypical self-centered modern guy who makes too much money, has too much time and wants IT all. Mainly the one thing that is out of reach; the thing called ...

  • Jana

    In the last two, three years it was difficult to avoid Beigbeder. He and his French companion Houellebecq were the IT item. French literature that you couldn't avoid. In many social circles, their boo...

  • Irina Dumitrescu

    Beigbeder's novel is about a naughty playboy who cheats on his wife, is rejected by his mistress, and finds little solace in the (group) sex, (party) drugs, and techno music of his incredibly hip Pari...

  • Dana

    One of today's many pseudo psychological crappy books....

  • Kierra

    There's nothing wrong with this book, but the main character is so repulsive and selfish, that his whole story seemed unlikable....

  • Mira

    Love Lasts Three YearsIt’s natural to expect certain things from a book. However, expectations killed the cat (or was it curiosity?).I was preparing myself for an astonishing read, which would turn ...

  • Alex Coman

    "L'amour dure trois ans", by Frédéric BeigbederNOTE: Let's ignore the fact that I didn't like this book that much for a second and acknowledge the fact that I read it in a few hours. *so proud*I bor...

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