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Podemos recordarlo todo por usted

Podemos recordarlo todo por usted

Podemos recordarlo todo por usted es un cuento de ciencia ficción escrito por Philip K. Dick y publicado en abril de 1966 en The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction; en el que se basaron para la película Total Recall. Representa un clásico enmarañado acerca de la realidad, la falsa memoria y la memoria real.
Douglas Quail, un hombre simple y ordinario, desea visitar Marte. Incapaz de permitírselo, visita una empresa, Rekall, Inc., que ofrece memorias implantadas. La tentativa de implantar algunos recuerdos marcianos vivos en Quail como un agente secreto, revela que es en realidad un agente encubierto del gobierno, al que le fueron manipulados sus recuerdos debido a lo peligroso de los secretos que conocía.

Titulo:Podemos recordarlo todo por usted
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Acerca de Philip K. Dick

Philip K. Dick was born in Chicago in 1928 and lived most of his life in California. In 1952, he began writing professionally and proceeded to write numerous novels and short-story collections. He won the Hugo Award for the best novel in 1962 for

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    Bigger CommitmentsThe only thing that can substitute satisfactorily for a life-fantasy is a bigger life-fantasy, one which includes but exceeds the lesser narrative. Keep telling taller and taller tal...

  • Tadiana ?Night Owl?

    3.5 stars. The other night I dug up copies of two classic Philip K. Dick short stories that were later the basis for a couple of blockbuster movies, this one and Minority Report. "We Can Remember It f...

  • Bill Kerwin

    First published in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction (1966), “We Can Remember it for You Wholesale” is one of Philip K. Dick’s richest and most complex short stories,philosophically mo...

  • Emily B

    This was an easy short story to get into, with some interesting sci-fi ideas and a nice twist. It’s not overly complicated or too scientific so I imagine it can be enjoyed by most people. I could...

  • Bradley

    Classic novelette by PKD that was the basis for the first adaptation of Total Recall. :)Aside from some of the later nuttiness of the movie, I was very surprised how faithful the film was to the origi...

  • Estelle

    "Ironically, he had gotten exactly what he had asked Rekal; Incorporated for. Adventure, peril, Interplan police at work, a secret and dangerous trip to Mars in which his life was at stake - everythin...

  • Brian

    The original story formed the basis for "Total Recall." The movie follows the outline. I think I will like Mr. Dick and I anticipate further reading....

  • Amy

    My husband found out the other day that I'd missed quite a lot of classic movies of the '80s and early '90s thanks to an overly-sheltered childhood. Included was the movie "Total Recall" which was bas...

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    The motherload of PKD stories and novels has been released over the past year, as observed on SFF Audio's new releases podcasts. I decided to take a quick listen to Total Recall, which is actually the...

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    We Can Remember It for You Wholesale is a short sci-fi story by one of the most influential sci-fi writers, Philip K. Dick. The book presents a riveting concept about memory-alteration, and keeps the ...

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