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La ciudad al atardecer. El país de los cerezos

La ciudad al atardecer. El país de los cerezos

En Hiroshima, el alma de una joven tiembla con cada vez más fuerza. ¿Qué significó la guerra...?...

Titulo:La ciudad al atardecer. El país de los cerezos
Idioma de edición:Spanish
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Acerca de Fumiyo Kouno

Fumiyo Kōno (

    La ciudad al atardecer. El país de los cerezos Comentarios

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    The manga presented a rather painfull subject, with a nice, touching story and beautiful art. The first part was heavier than the other two, but it was mastefully connected to one another. It was actu...

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    This book is made up of two connected stories, both exploring the consequences of the atom bomb for those living in Hiroshima during and after the bombing. In the first story, a young woman feels guil...

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    2nd Read - 2019It's a wonder that what you read for the first time was different of what you read the second time. Apparently, Minami was not a seamstress, her mother is and she is an office lady. But...

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    Sad yet beautiful and touching. I've reread this many times and definitely recommend it....

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    This book made me think about and reflect on Hiroshima in ways I have not before....

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