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When humans and the Mer cohabited in peace a millennia ago the races were perfectly balanced. As time passed, the differences in their physicality causing a chasm they couldn't breach and the Mer removed themselves into the sea and allowed humans to rule the land.

When the maidens of the Mer grow scarce, an elite warrior force is put into place to scout for the rare females who still retain the blood of the Mer. These unique females can replenish a female population that has grown dangerously low.

Can the Mer Warriors fight to save their race from extinction while navigating a culture that no longer holds to the Old Ways? Do the rare, mixed-Mer human females desire to mate with the Mer males? Or will the clash of beliefs and freedoms prove too much to overcome....

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    Ember Comentarios

  • Marissa

    Oh my god. Oh. My. God. It's a good thing I was home alone when I read this because I squealing with excitement. And laughing out loud at Con's insults. This debut of the Siren Breeders was everything...

  • R?nin

    EMBERby Marata ErosMs. Eros had me at the first word— “Constantine...” This book is an introduction to a new series about new species, new alliances and new beginnings. The absolute best thing a...

  • Ange

    What an amazing start to what promises to be another awesome series by Ms.Eros.Ember is gripping and takes us into the intriguing world of the Mer with a little taste of the dark world of the Demons!...

  • Crystal

    Genre: Dark EroticaWhat is this book about?In the original Druid Breeders series you are left with Con’s demise in the hands of the Mer. The author hit rewinding and we are back Con and the Mer. Emb...

  • LouiseMarie

    this book got a 4* like most of the others in this twisty series but for totally different reasons. To me this book felt a lot like a filler for things to come and an introduction. Whilst I enjoyed th...

  • Jennifer

    Ember kept the heat going just like in the Druid Breeders series. Some of the characters from the Druid series get to continue forward in Ember. There are a few stories within the story and I can't wa...

  • Bunnycore

    In a world where there are Mer people, Demons, Vampires and well a dying race. Okay that sounded so bad in my head. Ember it's the first in the siren series. It is about Constantine, A vampire a.k.a D...

  • Dawn Yacovetta

    Constantine, a combination of Druid, Faction, and Exotic, made him something of an enigma. Never excepted by any of the divisions, he was abused because of his differences.Ember a beautiful Mermaid wh...

  • SG Barron

    I thought this would be an interesting book series. I'm a fan of MFM and try to keep an open mind on the subject of sex, you know, different strokes for different folks. This book series was a bit har...

  • Erica

    WOW why did I wait so long to get back into this series!!!!I LOVE Marata Eros her descriptive prose and humorous wit, amazing storyline and sexy and original characters are to be admired and bragged a...

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