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Junie B., en primer grado es la jefa de la cafetería

Junie B., en primer grado es la jefa de la cafetería

Come and get it!Something very wonderful is happening to Junie B. Jones. And it's called she's getting to help in the school cafeteria! And that means hanging out with her friend Mrs. Gutzman. And working behind the counter. And even getting to wear ...

Titulo:Junie B., en primer grado es la jefa de la cafetería
Idioma de edición:Spanish
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Acerca de Barbara Park

Barbara Park received over 40 awards for her books, including 25 Children's Choice awards.

    Junie B., en primer grado es la jefa de la cafetería Comentarios

  • Loraine

    As a retired elementary teacher, I know young children really enjoy the Junie B book series. They are full of humor and contain stories and events that Pre-K through second grade children can relate. ...

  • Melissa Newton

    Title: Junie B., First Grader: Boss of LunchAuthor/Illustrator: Barbara ParkGenre: Transitional Chapter BookTheme(s): The Lunch Room, Elementary School, Responsibility, Growing UpOpening line/sentence...

  • Genna

    Plot: The book Junie B., First Grader Boss of Lunch, is about a first grade girl who gets to be a lunch time helper. Last year for Junie's class Mrs.Gutzman brought cookies and milk for her class ever...

  • Katie Buckingham

    Another silly book......

  • Dichotomy Girl

    I admit to feeling slightly bad that 1st grade reading level in french is still really difficult for me....

  • Jess

    Truly this was delightful....

  • Leslie Miller

    My class liked it.... me, not so much. Junie is NOT likable....

  • Paige Scott

    1) This book is about Junie B, as a first grader wanting to help in the cafeteria at school so bad that she cannot stand it. She really wants to help after she realizes Mrs. Gutzman works in there, th...

  • Gloria Copeland

    Realistic Fiction reviewELM 5722-19-2015In Barbara Park’s, “Junie B., “First Grader Boss of Lunch”, I enjoyed the realistic fiction about Junie B. being a helper in the cafeteria with her kind...

  • Katherine Austin

    1) Book summary, in your own words (3 pts)-Junie B. Jones is a first grader in Room One. She is very excited because her mom just bought her a new lunch box and matching thermos and can hardly pay att...

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