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The Heist

The Heist

Gabriel Allon, master art restorer and assassin, returns in a spellbinding new thriller from No.1 bestselling author Daniel Silva. For all fans of Robert Ludlum.

Gabriel Allon – art restorer and legendary spy – is in Venice when he receives an urgent call from the Italian police. The art dealer Justin Isherwood has stumbled upon a chilling murder scene, and is being held as a suspect.

The dead man is a fallen spy with a secret – a trafficker in stolen artwork, sold to a mysterious collector. To save his friend, Gabriel must track down the world’s most iconic missing painting: Caravaggio’s Nativity with St. Francis and St. Lawrence.

Gabriel’s mission takes him on exhilarating hunt from Marseilles and Corsica, to Paris and Geneva, and, finally, to a private bank in Austria, where a dangerous man stands guard over the ill-gotten wealth of one of the world’s most brutal dictators…

Titulo:The Heist
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Acerca de Daniel Silva

Daniel Silva was born in Michigan in 1960 and raised in California where he received his BA from Fresno State. Silva began his writing career as a journalist for United Press International (UPI), traveling in the Middle East and covering the Iran-Iraq war, terrorism and political conflicts. From UPI he moved to CNN, where he eventually became executive producer of its Washington-based public polic

    The Heist Comentarios

  • Frances Nativity with St. Francis and St. Lawrence by Caravaggio, created in 1609 …. missing since 1969; worth some $20 millionAn art thief, a professional killer...

  • Barbara

    3.5 stars In this 14th book in the 'Gabriel Allon' series the Israeli intelligence agent/art restorer investigates a wide-ranging art theft scheme. The book can be read as a standalone. *****Gabriel A...

  • Dana Moison

    Another great book by Daniel Silva in which the legendary agent Gabriel Allon, who also works as an art restorer in his spare time, uses his spying skills to trace a lost piece of art by Caravaggio, w...

  • Jean

    I've been reading Daniel Silva's books since he began writing them. I have to say that this is his best novel to date. He keeps getting better and better. I absolutely loved THE HEIST!!! Daniel Silva ...

  • Madeline

    "Why did you steal a Van Gogh and sell a copy to an Arab named Sam?""Because I'm looking for a Caravaggio.""For whom?""The Italians.""Why is an Isreali intelligence officer looking for a painting for ...

  • Elizabeth A

    I'm a huge Gabriel Allon fan, but I humbly disagree with many of the rave reviews of this, the 14th book in the series. Can it really be summer without time spent with my fave Mossad assassin and art ...

  • Monnie

    I love a great hero; from Tarzan to Perry Mason to Harry Potter, the good guy gets my attention every time. Over many years of reading, favorites have emerged - characters whose personalities are so a...

  • B.R. Stateham

    Three pages into the novel and you do a collective sigh of relief as a big smile spreads across your lips. You know that feeling; it's the one you get when you realize you've found a novel that is an ...

  • Lewis Weinstein

    ... another excellent Silva, exciting and fast-paced. It is, as some have said, somewhat formulaic, but the formula works so well it is not at all objectionable, at least to me. Silva stays just close...

  • kartik narayanan

    No review this time. Standard Gabriel Allon. Predictable story but fun to read....

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