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What Every Web Developer Should Know About HTTP (OdeToCode, #1)

What Every Web Developer Should Know About HTTP (OdeToCode, #1)

HTTP is the protocol of the web, and this book will look at HTTP
from a web developer's perspective. We'll cover resources, messages,
cookies, and authentication protocols. We'll look at how HTTP clients
can use persistent and parallel connections to improve performance,
and see how the web scales to meet demand using cache headers and
proxy servers. By the end of the book you will have the knowledge to
build better web applications and web services.

Titulo:What Every Web Developer Should Know About HTTP (OdeToCode, #1)
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    What Every Web Developer Should Know About HTTP (OdeToCode, #1) Comentarios

  • Andrew George

    A good intro to the fundamental protocolThis was a good refresher on the HTTP protocol. I read it on a 3-hour flight. Howerver, the only thing missing was a discussion of JSON web tokens in the chapte...

  • Lusa Lima

    A nice yet superficial summary of HTTPA brief overview of the protocol and associated technologies such as cookies, session management, security, etc. Wouldn’t use it as a reference but more as a wa...

  • Justin Smith

    The bare minimum HTTP that a developer is require to know is more accurate title. I highly recommend this book altough I picked up much of this information the hard way through learning web frameworks...

  • David VanderWyst

    While the book is full of typos I found it to be easy to read and understand. It took a topic which I had limited knowledge of and gave me just enough information to research further the areas importa...

  • Kanke Ishaku

    A must read for every developer, regardless of programming languageHandy book to read and finished under 3 hours. I highly recommend if you want to learn all about http....

  • Youjiang Wu

    Useful for application developerlittle book that provides an overview of http protocol, useful for an application developer. OpenID and oauth is not explained well....

  • Ivan Burda

    A great an concise summary of everything I have wanted to know about the http. A perfect review and also some additional information I didn't know....

  • Gerardo Ornelas

    Refresh The quick read is great as a refresher or to answer any questions that we ay have had. Good read....

  • Glitchd820

    Concise and informativeGreat book for someone learning the basics of http. Fast read, highly informative, and educational. Will keep it near to refer to it...

  • Marcin Krasowski

    Good refresher easy to readEasy to read but covers only basics; ideal for newcomers or non technical users of HTTP|REST like analysts and managers ...

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