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Envisioning Information

Envisioning Information

The celebrated design professor here tackles the question of how best to communicate real-life experience in a two-degree format, whether on the printed page or the computer screen. The Whole Earth Review called Envisioning Information a "passionate,...

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Acerca de Edward R. Tufte

Edward Rolf Tufte (born 1942 in Kansas City, Missouri to Virginia and Edward E. Tufte), a professor emeritus of statistics, graphic design, and political economy at Yale University has been described by The New York Times as "the Leonardo da Vinci of Data". He is an expert in the presentation of informational graphics such as charts and diagrams, and is a fellow of the American Statistical Associa

    Envisioning Information Comentarios

  • Bruce

    This makes the third and last of Edward Tufte's books I have (and most likely, will ever) read. I hear he's working on a fifth, but I can't really see the point. He just doesn't seem to have anything ...

  • Eric Phetteplace

    While this work is full of brilliant principles & illuminating examples, the prose itself is incredibly disconnected. You can tell that Tufte designed the book page by page & not section by section, o...

  • Eric

    This is a classic work in the field of information design. Today, you will more often hear the phrase “information visualization” (aka, infovis) to describe the act of representing abstract data i...

  • Chelsea Lawson

    I think I had the wrong expectations for this book, so I was left disappointed. "Information" is not quite the same as data. If you're all about data visualization, try Nathan Yau. Tufte had good tips...

  • TK Keanini

    If you can't present data in a way that communicates your thoughts or the emergent information, there is no reason to present the data. This book and other Tufte books are fundamental....

  • Roger Wood

    The book led was one of the most enlightening books that I've every read. I've always had a penchant for using numbers, images, and heuristics to explain, and began taking Edward Tufte's courses when ...

  • Mister

    A helpful marketing guide on how to write, draw and give lectures in regards to descriptions of meaningful figures and diagrams that piques both the audience's retina as well as their neural cells whe...

  • Nikhil Thota

    As a novice into the world of Data Science and Information Design, I thoroughly enjoyed poring through this book its illustrations. From a structural standpoint, it's designed beautifully, taking into...

  • Steve

    If ever you could judge a book by its cover, it's this one. Literally, the six main topics are listed on the cover. Of course, you don't know what they really mean yet, but you could probably take a g...

  • Maria

    Graphic design concepts from 1990.Why I picked it up: On the Navy's Professional Reading list.Why I finished it: Dated and while I think that same design is timeless... this isn't it. Computer graphic...

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