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Beyond Dinocalypse

Beyond Dinocalypse

Book Two of the Dinocalypse Trilogy, continuing the thrilling tale begun in Dinocalypse Now... ON THE RUN IN A TERRIFYING FUTURE! Thrown through time and space, Jet Black and his friends find themselves in a future that has changed everything they've ever known. Hunted, exhausted, and desperate to return home, they must stay one step ahead of the conquering psychosaurs who have taken over the world and enslaved humanity! But as the world changed, so did the people they left behind. Bitter enemies turn into vital allies and old friends sacrifice their ideals to seek victory by any means necessary in this fast-paced sequel to Dinocalypse Now!

Titulo:Beyond Dinocalypse
Idioma de edición:English
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Acerca de Chuck Wendig

Chuck Wendig is a novelist, a screenwriter, and a freelance penmonkey.

    Beyond Dinocalypse Comentarios

  • Dan Schwent

    After the events of Dinocalypse Now, Jet Black, Professor Khan, Amelia Stone, Atok, and Benjamin Hu find themselves flung decades into the future, the far away year 2000 where the psychosaurs have tak...

  • Louis

    Beyond Dinocalypse is a surprisingly engrossing tale. Surprising because for a pulp book, it spends so much time with its main characters in despair. For readers of the first book, the beginning is su...

  • David(LA,CA)

    The action is still here, but the tone is a bit different. It's not that the tone is out of place. I would imagine it's difficult to be an optimistic hero fighting the good fight when you're quite lit...

  • David

    When last we left our intrepid adventurers the Centurions, they were tumbling through time. Beyond Dinocalypse picks up the story shortly after the first book of the series Dinocalypse Now. Our heroes...

  • BJ Haun

    The second book of the Dinocalypse series, which I supported on Kickstarter about 18 months ago. I had been some time since I had read the first book (Dinocalypse Now), which might have hurt my enjoym...

  • C. Neagle

    More psychic dinosaurs and two-fisted (plus machine gun) action with the Century Club. But now that things look grim for the heroes, are there still heroes to be found...and adventures to be had? Well...

  • Kerry

    The second part of Chuck Wendig's Dino series. Very much an entertaining continuation of the first with his quick pacing and enthusiasm for pulp fiction evident. Don't expect Shakespeare or Tolstoy he...

  • Ellen

    A ripping yarn....

  • Morgan McGuire

    Fun story living up to the classic adventure cover art, but I couldn't take the endless parade of uniform declarative sentences. It would have been a great Saturday morning cartoon....

  • John

    Solid Pulp. It delivers exactly the sort of thing it promises. I won't call it deep--but then you probably don't expect deep just from what the title suggests! :)Enjoy!...

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