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Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey

The year is 1667. Sir Francis Courtney and his son Hal are on patrol in their fighting caravel off the Agulhas Cape of South Africa. They are lying in wait for one of the treasure-laden galleons of the Dutch East India Company returning from the Orient. so begins a quest for adventure and the spoils of war that sweeps them from the settlement of Good Hope at the southern tip of Africa to the Great Horn of Ethiopia far to the north - at a time when international maritime law permitted acts of piracy, rape, and murder otherwise punishable by death. Wilbur Smith introduces a generation of the indomitable Courtneys and thrillingly re-creates their part in the struggle for supremacy and riches on the high seas.

From the very first pages, Wilbur Smith spins a colorful and exciting tale, crackling with tension and drama, that builds and builds to a stunning climax. Packed with vivid descriptive passages of the open seas, breathless pacing, and an extraordinary cast of characters, Birds of Prey is a masterpiece from a storyteller at the height of his powers.

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Acerca de Wilbur Smith

Wilbur Smith is the bestselling author of many novels, each meticulously researched on his numerous expeditions worldwide. His bestselling Courtney series includes

    Birds of Prey Comentarios

  • Lizzy

    Alas, I did not learn something essential or scholarly in any way by reading Birds of Prey. I might not have helped me understand history or comprehend anything fundamental to my life, but I would say...

  • Richard Derus

    Rating: 3* of fiveWilbur, Wilbur...yours isn't the stuff of literary legend, but usually you buckle a *mean* swash and cause images of Erroll Flynn to dash around your reader's head (thanks for that, ...

  • Jim A

    The true beginning of the Courtney saga, even though it was written well after the other Courtney books.Swashbuckling adventure on the highs seas, moving to the African continent and escape from Dutch...

  • Mark Hennion

    Please don't let the 3 stars fool you: I enjoyed this book. More specifically, I enjoyed the story. Wilbur Smith excels in performing perhaps the two most important elements of fiction─ creating lik...

  • Thom Swennes

    At the beginning of the seventeenth century, the small country of The Netherlands spread its sails, to become a major world trade player. With the establishment of the Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagn...

  • Michael

    A great pirate story set on east coast of Africa in the 16oo's. WS knows his sailing, his history, and as always is a world-class storyteller. What a crazy time that must have been, the age of colonia...

  • Nate

    It’s a book about pirates/privateers double-crossing each other, duking it out with each other on land and sea, and doing other fun stuff with healthy doses of kinky boning and horrid violence. What...

  • K. Anna Kraft

    I wasn't all that happy with this book. I bought it because I'd read River God a long time ago, and I remembered really loving everything about it. However, here. . .I found myself wondering if I'd be...

  • David

    Excellent, by far one the best reads I've had in awhile. Its amazing how this novel can cover so many genre's and still be cohesive.There is Piracy, War battles, Swordsmanship, A Historical aspect, Ad...

  • Mina Villalobos

    Err, I don't even know what to say about this book. For starters, I didn't know this wasn't the first book of the saga, so clearly I kind of just jumped in the Courtney's party and was a bit confused....

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