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No voy a morir

No voy a morir

Luff y se enfrenta a Krieg sin ningún tipo de temor a la muerte. ¡¿Llegará a su final esta terrible batalla a bordo del restaurante en el mar?! Cuando lo haga va a ser hora de que Sanji fi talmente salga de viaje... ¡Una aventura marítima en bu...

Titulo:No voy a morir
Idioma de edición:Spanish
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    No voy a morir Comentarios

  • ???? ?.

    **It's a 4,5**The tiny details that are different from the anime are gold <3...

  • Lashaan Balasingam (Bookidote)

    An epic conclusion to the battle with Don Krieg. We finally get a glimpse of Luffy's willpower and why he's an excellent candidate to be the king of pirates. The action scenes do get quite crazy at ti...

  • Christopher

    Luffy doesn't give up. Finish the fight at the restaurant, convince Sanji to be his cook, and then follow after Nami, who stole their ship and treasure a couple of volumes back (because that's how sh...

  • Thelma

    Those goodbyes between Sanji and Zeff? So good! Love it! The end of the fight was nice and the next arc is probably my favorite pre-Grand Line arc so I can't wait for Luffy to join back with the rest ...

  • Keerthana

    As we progress more into the story we get to know about most of characters intentions and ambitions. And also the fact that even in the so called good side people are not who they seem to be. I'm sooo...

  • Shane Reynolds

    One Piece vol. 8 brings the Baratie sub arc to a climactic close! Luffy continues his assault on the pirate admiral, Don Krieg. As fists fly, Sanji and Zeff watch on. Oda's visuals only evolve in this...

  • Koichi Mashita

    At last the fighting between Luffy and Creek will be ended. Even the end of this fighting, he did not give up fighting against Luffy. However Gin stopped his fighting. He was taken poison by Creek and...

  • Arnaud

    Enter new contenders and evil baddies :-)...

  • Junpei

    This manga is most amusing volume in ONEPIECE! Luffy defeat Krieg and Sanji became a member of Luffy’s crew. A scene when Zeff concerned about Sanji was the most impressing ....

  • Monsour

    Beat their 2nd Villain and gets a new crew member. Sanji the cook....

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