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Extreme Brewing: An Enthusiast's Guide to Brewing Craft Beer at Home

Extreme Brewing: An Enthusiast's Guide to Brewing Craft Beer at Home

Extreme Brewing is a recipe-driven resource for aspiring home brewers who are interested in recreating these specialty beers at home, but don't have the time to learn the in-depth science and lore behind home-brewing. As such, all recipes are malt-syrup based (the simplest brewing method) with variations for partial-grain brewing. While recipes are included for classic beer styles -- ales and lagers -- Extreme Brewing has a unique emphasis on hybrid styles that use fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices to create unique flavor combinations. Once their brew is complete, readers can turn to section three, The Rewards of Your Labor, to receive guidance on presentation, including corking, bottle selection and labeling as well as detailed information on food pairings, including recipes for beer infused dishes and fun ideas for themed dinners that tallow the reader to share their creations with family and friends.

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    Extreme Brewing: An Enthusiast's Guide to Brewing Craft Beer at Home Comentarios

  • Valerie Sherman

    My husband and I have done some brewing kits, but we bought this book and the next batch of home brew we make is going to come from one of these recipes. The book really clarifies the steps of brewing...

  • Patrick

    There was some good information in this book to complement my Charlie Papazian books on brewing and I really hope I can try some of the recipes since I love Dogfish Head beers so much and Sam Calagion...

  • Tim

    This is a good book for the novice/not-yet-hardcore home brewer. Home brewing has rapidly grown in popularity since this came out, and there is a lot more information out there these days, but this is...

  • John Hubbard

    I didn't find this the most useful. But a beautiful book. ...

  • Joseph

    It is a shame that I bought this off of the bargain rack at Barnes & Noble. After Joy of Home Brewing this should be a staple for those wanting to go beyond clone beers. The author (who also owns Dogf...

  • Don

    The author’s Dogfish Head Brewery in Delaware is known for its brash and unique brews, such as Midas Touch (an ancient recipe from the 8th Century BC brewed with Muscat grapes, honey, and saffron) a...

  • Aaron

    A focus on partial extract brewing, but its still an excellent little book. Covers a wide range of beers, and recipies for them rather quickly, but they are fairly straight foward. He also covers addi...

  • Ryan Sestric

    Again, with other brewing books, I did not read the entire thing, as there is a lot of redundant (albeit important) information that you get from homebrewing books. This book has some really amazing r...

  • Jon Lefor

    This is a great book geared towards new homebrewers, it takes you step by step through brewing your first extract batch and beyond. All of the recipes shared throughout the text are extract partial ma...

  • Andrew Bell

    A great homebrewing book for the beginner to intermediate brewer. Nice pictures, solid techniques and easy to understand. Very well laid out with some of Dogfish Head's classic recipes. The recipes lo...

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