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The Song of Achilles

The Song of Achilles

Greece in the age of heroes. Patroclus, an awkward young prince, has been exiled to the court of King Peleus and his perfect son Achilles. By all rights their paths should never cross, but Achilles takes the shamed prince as his friend, and as they grow into young men skilled in the arts of war and medicine their bond blossoms into something deeper - despite the displeasure of Achilles' mother Thetis, a cruel sea goddess. But then word comes that Helen of Sparta has been kidnapped. Torn between love and fear for his friend, Patroclus journeys with Achilles to Troy, little knowing that the years that follow will test everything they hold dear.

Profoundly moving and breathtakingly original, this rendering of the epic Trojan War is a dazzling feat of the imagination, a devastating love story, and an almighty battle between gods and kings, peace and glory, immortal fame and the human heart.

Titulo:The Song of Achilles
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Acerca de Madeline Miller

Madeline Miller was born in Boston and grew up in New York City and Philadelphia. She attended Brown University, where she earned her BA and MA in Classics. For the last ten years she has been teaching and tutoring Latin, Greek and Shakespeare to high school students. She has also studied at the University of Chicago’s Committee on Social Thought, and in the Dramaturgy department at Yale School of

    The Song of Achilles Comentarios

  • Virginia Ronan ? Herondale ?

    ”We were like gods, at the dawning of the world, and our joy was so bright we could see nothing else but the other.”This book!!! Gosh I loved this book!!! The moment I read the first page I was...

  • Sean Barrs

    Madeline Miller did what the movie producers of the film Troy (2004) were too cowardly to do; she stayed true to the homosexuality of Homer’s Iliad rather than writing a censored version of the sto...

  • chai ?

    Update: I did it. It’s done. I can finally say I read The Song of Achilles but... at what cost?Will I finish this book or will it finish me first? That is the question. ...

  • Rick Riordan

    A new take on the Iliad, written by a high school classics teacher -- how could I not read this? The Song of Achilles retells the story of Greece's greatest hero from the point of view of his best fr...

  • megs_bookrack

    I hereby award The Song of Achilles, ALL THE STARS in the universe!!!This story is equal parts charming, enchanting and heartbreaking.I knew nothing about it going in, besides the fact that it is base...

  • jessica

    ‘we were like gods at the dawning of the world, and our joy was so bright we could see nothing else but the other.’ i must be a masochist because i can think of no other reason to endure the em...

  • Navessa

    "Achilles. Who was he if not miraculous, and radiant? Who was he if not destined for fame?" Reading this is like reading Romeo and Juliet. We all know the story. We all know the outcome. We all kno...

  • ;3

    yall remember tht part where it was like:achilles: lol listen my mom can’t spy on us anymore 👅patroclus: 👀 achilles: 👀...

  • Jeffrey Keeten

    ”He was a marvel, shaft after shaft flying from him, spears that he wrenched easily from broken bodies on the ground to toss at new targets. Again and again I saw his wrist twist, exposing its pale ...

  • Tharindu Dissanayake

    "The never-ending ache of love and sorrow."There are a few books I come across everyday while going through my GR feed, and The Song of Achilles is at top of that list. Rightly so, I have to agree, th...

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