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Ines del Reves = Contrary Mary

Ines del Reves = Contrary Mary

When Mary got up this morning, she was feeling contrary. She put her cap on back to front and her shoes on the wrong feet. And that was just the start of a very contrary day!...

Titulo:Ines del Reves = Contrary Mary
Idioma de edición:Spanish
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Acerca de Anita Jeram

The illustrator of many popular and critically acclaimed books for children, including ALL PIGS ARE BEAUTIFUL by Dick King-Smith, Anita Jeram has also written several children's books of her own. As author-illustrator of BUNNY, MY HONEY, a sweet story of a bunny lost and then found, Anita Jeram was able to exercise her rabbit-drawing skills. A rabbit is also the hero of I LOVE MY LITTLE STORYBOOK,

    Ines del Reves = Contrary Mary Comentarios

  • Peggy

    Simple, sweet, with cute pictures. I read this to my oldest son on days when he's being contrary - hmmmm, I read it A LOT! We both love this book....

  • Leyla

    I love it :)...

  • Demi

    This picturebook is a sweet book about a little mouse named Mary who decides that she wants to be contrary for the day. For example, she decides she is going to wear her hat backwards and put her shoe...

  • Nicoeduca

    Edad recomendada: 3 a 6 años.Tema: Cuento sobre una niña que prueba a llevar la contraria a sus padres.Si vemos el libro como un simple cuento para contar, está bien, pero si pretendes dar una mora...

  • Jennifer B.

    A fun story and adorable mouse illustrations....

  • Carfig

    Mary is contrary, oddly enough, but cute...

  • Jane

    Our own Contrary Mary loved this book and listening to her chuckle as you read it to her will always be a fond memory...

  • Lindsay

    Ines del Reves, the Spanish version of Contrary Mary, is a very cute story about a little mouse named Ines who decides it's opposite day. Her mom then gets the idea to humor her when she puts Ines to ...

  • The Children

    As a mom, I don't care for the last page, but the children love it all--how Contrary Mary goes through her day completely opposite as she ordinarily would....

  • Ms Threlkeld

    Good book for teaching younger children about opposites....

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