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Sex on the Moon: The Amazing Story Behind the Most Audacious Heist in History

Sex on the Moon: The Amazing Story Behind the Most Audacious Heist in History

Thad Roberts, a fellow in a prestigious NASA program had an idea—a romantic, albeit crazy, idea. He wanted to give his girlfriend the moon. Literally.
Thad convinced his girlfriend and another female accomplice, both NASA interns, to break into an impregnable laboratory at NASA—past security checkpoints, an electronically locked door with cipher security codes, and camera-lined hallways—and help him steal the most precious objects in the world: the moon rocks.
But what does one do with an item so valuable that it’s illegal even to own? And was Thad Roberts—undeniably gifted, picked for one of the most competitive scientific posts imaginable, a possible astronaut—really what he seemed?
Mezrich has pored over thousands of pages of court records, FBI transcripts, and NASA documents and has interviewed most of the participants in the crime to reconstruct this Ocean’s Eleven–style heist, a madcap story of genius, love, and duplicity that reads like a Hollywood thrill ride.

Titulo:Sex on the Moon: The Amazing Story Behind the Most Audacious Heist in History
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Acerca de Ben Mezrich

Ben Mezrich has created his own highly addictive genre of nonfiction, chronicling the amazing stories of young geniuses making tons of money on the edge of impossibility, ethics, and morality.

    Sex on the Moon: The Amazing Story Behind the Most Audacious Heist in History Comentarios

  • Mara

    Allow me to begin by firmly stating that in my oh so humble opinion having sex in a bed with a stolen moon rock in it is: 1. weird and creepy (not to mention potentially dangerous- are moon rocks scra...

  • Becca

    I borrowed this book from the kindle lending library because there is no way I am putting money into a fund that enriches the moon rock-thief Thad in any way shape or form. This book is written in typ...

  • Barbara

    Astronaut collecting moon rocksThis is a (sort of) true story about the July, 2002 moon rock heist pulled off by NASA intern Thad Roberts...and presumably what put Thad on this foolish course.Thad Rob...

  • Janete

    Well, a NASA intern simply steals several fragments of moon's rocks to sell them for $ 100,000 to improve his life and that of his girlfriend, who was his accomplice, along with the thief's best frien...

  • Ann

    I had high expectations of this book. It had so many of the elements I like : a daring heist - science- outer space....It came with impeccable credentials, in the shape of a highly respected author (B...

  • Ainsley

    It's one thing to read a detailed description of a sexual encounter in a work of fiction or even in a work of non-fiction, provided that the author of the piece is one of the participants in the act. ...

  • Gary Schroeder

    This is a manuscript for a movie. In recent interviews Ben Mezrich has been very open about that. He writes books from the very beginning in the hopes that they will be optioned for movies. And it sho...

  • Diane in Australia

    I seem to be in the minority on this one. Such is life. I found this whole escapade to be so damn stupid. Just stupid. Stupid.I will let Mara's review ... which is tremendous! ... speak for me. Please...

  • Josephine

    Some reviewers have likened the true story behind Ben Mezrich’s “Sex on the Moon” to “Ocean’s Eleven” — which I take issue with because, while Thad Roberts was smart enough to get into H...

  • Becky

    The story itself is pretty interesting -- it took some smarts for this guy to steal real true moon rocks direct from NASA. But the book was abysmally written. From the movie scene-style descriptions t...

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